Flow EZ™

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Modular pressure-based flow controller

The Flow EZ™ is the most advanced system available for pressure-based flow control. The compact device stands near the microfluidic device, allowing the user to minimize bench space use without the need of a PC. One can be operational and generate data rapidly. The Flow EZ™ supports reservoir sizes from 2 mL to one liter laboratory bottles. One can use large reservoirs and maintain continuous, pulseless flow for days without refilling.

flow ez microfluidics flow controller
Main benefits
  • Intuitive

    Straight forward set up & use

  • Adaptable

    Use with or without a PC

  • Modular

    Expand the system as needed

  • Compact

    Uses minimum bench space


Expand as needed

Combine up to 12 modules as your work flow grows. Each module is a separate and independant pressure channel.

Wide range

The Flow EZ™ range of modules allow for regulatation of pressure / vacuum down to -800 mbar and up to 7 bar.

Local control

Control without a PC using the Flow EZ™ hardware interface with one hand. Focus on the experiment instead of looking at the PC.

Precise volume delivery

When combined with a FLOW UNIT, one can control flow rate directly or deliver dispensed volumes as needed.

Various reservoir sizes

Support reservoir sizes from 2 mL to one liter laboratory bottles. The Flow EZ™ can maintain continuous, pulseless flow for days without refilling.


Based on our industry leading experience, Fluigent has developed the patented QuadCore pneumatic system, the most advanced microfluidic pumping technology available. It is at the heart of the Fluigent’s next generation performance providing the fastest, most stable and compact system for microfluidics available.

In the base configuration, the system controls pressure or vacuum, and the liquid flow is a function of system resistance, fluid viscosity, etc. The addition of a FLOW UNIT enables one to control or monitor flow rate as well as measure a dispensed volume. The pressure automatically adjusts in the background to maintain the set flow rate.

When combined with the LINK module, the  Flow EZ™ capabilities are extended by using Fluigent software to control the system, or to generate time based protocols and reccord data (OxyGEN software)

The  Flow EZ™ modules, are available in different pressure and vacuum ranges, to provide the optimum level of pressure control and resolution. These can easily be combined to match all application requirements or reconfigure the system for a new experimental design.

Discover the Flow EZ™ and see how microfluidics should work

With a compact and modular design, the Flow EZ™ allows you to set and benefit quickly from the pressure-based flow control advantages for your experiments.

“We have been using Fluigent’s M-SWITCH, amongst other accessories, including Flow EZ system, flow controllers,  for the past 5 years. We are pleased with its performance, especially the programmability and automation of fluid flow that relieves the user of the need to be present next to the experiments that run for several hours. We found the software interface to be simple to use and could count on the team’s assistance for friendly recommendations and support.”

Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) 

A response time ten times faster compared to syringe pumps.

With the use of pressure instead of mechanical action, the Flow EZTM gets a responsiveness ten times faster than syringe pumps. A low response time allows one to quicky execute operations such as stop flow and pressure/flow rate steps.

response time fluigent pressure-based flow controller

stability microfluidic flow ez flow controller

Control flow rate with the benefits of responsive, pulse-free flow

Pulse-free flow is critical for generating high quality and repeatable results. The Flow EZ™ integrates the all-new DFC (Direct Flow Control) algorithm. This allows the user to set a flow rate directly on the instrument display. The applied pressure will automatically adjust to maintain the flow rate.

Focus on the microscope. No PC is required

Instead of looking at the PC, users can keep their eyes on the microscope, adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, the device allows for pressure or flow rate control and volume dispense making it ideal for benchtop use.



Resolution600 µbar
Stability0,1% on the measured value (effective beyond 10% of the maximum pressure)
Response timeDown to 30 ms
Step0,03% of the maximum pressure


Part numberPressure/Vacuum rangeRequired supply
LU-FEZ-00250 to 25 mbar (0 to 0,36 psi)150 mbar (0,22 psi)
LU-FEZ-00690 to 69 mbar (0 to 1,0 psi)150 mbar (0,22 psi)
LU-FEZ-03450 to 345 mbar (0 to 5,00 psi)1100 mbar (15,95 psi)
LU-FEZ-10000 to 1000 mbar (0 to 14,50 psi)1100 mbar (15,95 psi)
LU-FEZ-20000 to 2000 mbar (0 to 29,01 psi)2100 mbar (30,46 psi)
LU-FEZ-70000 to 7000 mbar (0 to 101,5 psi)7100 mbar (103,0 psi)
LU-FEZ-N0250 to -25 mbar (0 to -0,36 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
LU-FEZ-N0690 to -69 mbar (0 to -1,0 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
LU-FEZ-N3450 to -345 mbar (0 to -5,00 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
LU-FEZ-N8000 to -800 mbar (0 to -11,6 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)


Dimensions91,9 x 71,8 x 131 mm
Weight634 g


Power consumption6 W


Gas compatibilityDry, oil-free gas, air, any non corrosive or non explosive gas
Liquid compatibilityAqueous solvent, oil, organic solent, biological sample


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
ver. or more recent

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Software Development Kit

Custom software application
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flow ez flow controller schematic

Getting Started

How to set the Flow EZ (power and pressure supply)

Insert in my setup

Fluidic and pneumatic connection to the microfluidic setup

Add a Flow EZ

Extend the pressure system by adding modules

Apply a pressure order

How to send and apply an order to pressurize a reservoir

Disconnect a Flow EZ

How to disconnect a module to modify the pressure system


Add a flow sensor to control directly in flow rate

Use the P=0 button

Quickly drop the pressure down to 0 mbar

Switch it OFF

Switch the module OFF and stop the experiment

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