LineUp series

Our LineUp™ product range is the next generation of microfluidic systems. With the Flow EZ™ or Push-Pull modules one can precisely regulate and control pressure & vacuum, the LINK and LINK COM modules provide communication to a computer or any external instrument using TTL ports, USB cable or Serial port communication. The Adapt is used to connect Flow EZ™ modules with different pressure ranges without the need of additional pressure sources. The P-SWITCH allows to multiply the outlets of the system and the SWITCH EZ controls microfluidic valves. The entire system can be controlled without a PC using local control and can also be monitored by Fluigent Software to extend its capabilities and benefit from automation. Select modules you need and combine them together.

Main benefits
  • Compact devices
  • Automation capabilities
  • Intuitive set up & use
  • Adaptability & Versatility
  • Modular & Expandable

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