Microfluidic Application Notes

Fluigent’s broad range of solutions for nanofluidic and microfluidic application note, both in scientific research and the industrial/OEM sector, offer greater control, automation, precision, and ease of use. We offer modern microfluidic systems and components that enhance productivity. Whether your application features droplets, cell biology, particle studies, or other research areas, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for your fluid control needs. We offer best-in-class standard and custom OEM components, system development, and engineering services along with strong expertise in fluid management to accelerate your development process. This page features numerous microfluidic application notes that can help you with your setup and experiments. You will find tutorials, accompanied by an extensive and varied literature search, explaining the step by step process of how to perform the experiment optimally and efficiently, as well as the results obtained and the conclusion drawn from the experiment. Download detailed tutorials on microfluidic applications in the industrial and research sectors and learn more about Fluigent’s product portfolio! Other applications may be developed with the product's brand provided by Fluigent. Have you published a paper using Fluigent products? Contact us at marketing@fluigent.com and we will reference it on our site!