Microfluidic Packs

Discover Fluigent microfluidic product packages! We gathered all the necessary components for users to begin specific microfluidic applications.

Designing the fluidic platform for a specific application can be difficult as it requires experience in fluid injection as well as knowledge in pumping systems, material features (resistance, dimensions, biocompatibility and more), and the difference between fluidics and optics. Each parameter is important and can condition the success of the experiment.

Our microfluidic packs include fluidic solutions designed by a team of experts for a wide range of applications. Our pressure controllers, flow-meters, valves and software allow users to easily perform experiments with no prior experience in the microfluidics field. From droplets microfluidics to cell perfusion and organ-on-a-chip studies, Fluigent has the solution.
All our microfluidic packs can be customized to best fit specific applications.

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