Microfluidic Pressure Based Flow Controller

Syringe pumps are widely used to supply fluid flow for microfluidic systems as they are easy to use and one of the first fluid handling systems available. However, they present limitations. such as slow response times when establishing a new flow rate, and flow oscillation due to motor steps.
Microfluidic pressure based flow controllers have been shown to give better results due to their high accuracy and stability, as well as their fast response time.

Fluigent was the first company to introduce microfluidic pressure based flow controllers to handle fluids in microfluidics. Fluid actuation by pressure driven flow control systems consists of pressurizing reservoirs containing the sample that are rapidly injected into a microfluidic device.

Based on the patented FASTABTM technology, our pressure and flow controllers ensure a stable and pulseless flow to enhance accuracy and reproducibility in experiments. The use of pressure allows for a quick response time and reduces cost by directing the pressurization of several reservoirs with only one pressure channel.

Available in two main product lines, the LineUpTM series forevolutive, compact and adaptable operations and the MFCSTM series for customized and field proven experience.

In addition, stable constant liquid flow rates can be set and controlled when used in conjunction with our flow sensors. Fluid operation such as sequential injection, recirculation and sorting are also possible by combining a pressure based flow controller with valves, creating ultra-precise, pressure-sensitive flow control.

Microfluidic pressure based flow controllers are used in applications where a high degree of control and precision over parameters (size, mixing, flow rates, etc) is required. They offer excellent results in experiments related to droplet generation, ddPCR, cell culture and cell perfusion, organ-on-a-chip studies, synthesis of nanoparticles, microcapsules and microbeads.

Main benefits
  • Compact devices
  • Automation capabilities
  • Intuitive set up & use
  • Adaptability & Versatility
  • Modular & Expandable
  • Customizable on request

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