Microfluidic Sensors

Microfluidic sensors are a determinant parameter when working on microfluidic experiments. They have the ability to measure and control flow rate, temperature, pH and other parameters in fluids. Microfluidic sensors show many promises in healthcare and environmental applications due to quick response, inexpensive and highly sensitive analysis with high yield. The integration of microfluidic devices and sensor technologies provides new opportunities for sensing applications, such as portability, real-time detection, increased sensitivity, and selectivity.

Fluigent set of microfluidic sensors allows to control and monitor directly in flow rate or to extend the measurement of pressure/vacuum in the set-up, thus providing a solution for measuring and/or controlling flow rates for any fluidic applications. Our microfluidic sensors offer regulated liquid flow, minimal use of reagents and samples, rapid analysis, system compactness and parallelization, and reduced waste generation.

The FLOW UNIT is a microfluidic flow sensor that can be used without a PC combined with the LineUp™ series pressure controllers, or with any external pressure controller using the Flowboard hub and Fluigent software solutions. Combining the FLOW UNIT models and the FLOWBOARD will give you the opportunity to check at all times flow-rate and volume of liquids flowing through your fluidic system. In addition, the DFC algorithm enables regulation between the pressure-based controllers and the Flow Unit in order to work directly in the flow rate.
The PRESSURE UNIT is a microfluidic pressure sensor for continuous measurement of pressure in a fluidic path. The sensor can be directly connected to a PC via USB, and can display measurements in real time on the Fluigent OxyGEN software interface.

Main benefits
  • Wide range of detection
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Standalone mode
  • Automation capabilities
  • Compact devices
  • Flow rate from nL to mL

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