Microfluidic In-Line Pressure Sensor

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The PRESSURE UNIT is a stand-alone microfluidic in-line pressure sensor for continuous  measurement of  pressure in a fluidic path. The product line can detect values over the range of -1000 mbar (-15 psi) to 7000 mbar (100 psi). The sensor can be directly connected to a PC via USB, and can display measurements in real time on the Fluigent OxyGEN software interface. Users can output  values for custom software applications using the Software Development Kit.

With our microfluidic in-line pressure sensor, you can accurately monitor and control pressure in a stable, pulseless and responsive manner.

Three different High Precision Pressure Sensors are available (S, M, and XL) depending on the pressure range you want to measure. This microfluidic in-line pressure sensor is perfect for gases and liquids and can be easily plugged (inline) into your microfluidic setup with 1/16" OD tubing.


microfluidic in-line pressure sensor fluigent
Main benefits
  • Intuitive

    Straight forward set up & use

  • Accurate

    Wide range of detection

  • Standalone

    No need for a hub

  • compact

    Uses minimum bench space

Pressure Unit: an in-line Pressure Sensor Features aWide Range of Detection

Wide range of detection

The PRESSURE UNIT is a microfluidic in-line pressure sensor that allows the accurate measurement of pressure and vacuum within the range -1000 mbar to 7 bar. Our in-line pressure sensor disposes of a wide range of reading flow rates.

Display in real-time

Graphically monitor the pressure measurement using Fluigent’s  OxyGEN software. Our dedicated software and its allows users to control the data acquisition directly on a pc

No hub is needed

Directly plug the sensor to aPC and benefit from a compact solution for pressure detection. The microfluidic in-line pressure sensor can be plugged anywhere (inline) in your microfluidic setup.

Pressure Control

Users can achieve precise pressure control by combining any microfluidic in-line pressure sensor with our pressure controller system.



Product rangeSMXL
Part numberEIPS345EIPS1000EIPS7000
Pressure range (measurement)-345 mbar to 345 mbar-1000 mbar to 1000 mbar -1000 to 7000 mbar
Maximum overpressure1380 mbar3100 mbar13800 mbar
Accuracy mean (% of max range)2 to 3 mbar
0.6% typ. to 0.9%
10 to 20 mbar
1.0% typ. to 2.0%
16 to 40 mbar
0.3% typ. to 0.6%
Zero shift6.9 mbar
(2% span)
10 mbar
(1% span)
70 mbar
(1% span)
Repeatability / Hysterisis1.4 mbar
(0.4% span)
2.0 mbar
(0.2% span)
14 mbar
(0.2% span)
Measurement sampling40 ms40 ms40 ms


Internal volume22 µL
Inner diameter500 µm
Compensated temperature range1/4’’-28 Flat bottom
Connection fittings1/4’’-28 Flat bottom
Recommended tubing1/16’’ OD
MaterialsPEEK, EPDM, Silicon
Maximum operating altitudeUp to 2000 m
Maximum relative humidity80% (0°C to 31°C)
50% (until 50°C)
Dimensions50 x 30 x 20 mm
Weight59 g


Voltage range (direct current)5 V
Maximal power10 mW


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
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Software Development Kit

Custom software application
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microfluidic in-line pressure sensor