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In-Line pressure sensor

The PRESSURE UNIT is a stand-alone sensor for continuous  measurement of the pressure in a fluidic path. The product line can detect values over the range of -1000 mbar (-15 psi) to 7000 mbar (100 psi). The sensor can be directly connected to a PC via USB, and display measurement in real time on the Fluigent OxyGEN software interface. Users can output  values for custom software applications using the Software Development Kit.

Main benefits
  • Intuitive

    Straight forward set up & use

  • Accurate

    Wide range of detection

  • Standalone

    No need for a hub

  • Compact

    Uses minimum bench space


Wide range of detection

The PRESSURE UNIT product line allow for the accurate measurement of pressure and vaccum within the range -1000 mbar to 7 bar.

Display in real-time

Graphically monitor in real-time the pressure measurement using the OxyGEN software.

No hub is needed

Plug directly the sensor to the PC and benefit from a compact solution for pressure detection.



Product rangeSMXL
Part numberEIPS345EIPS1000EIPS7000
Pressure range (measurement)-345 mbar to 345 mbar-1000 mbar to 1000 mbar -1000 to 7000 mbar
Maximum overpressure1380 mbar3100 mbar13800 mbar
Accuracy mean (% of max range)2 to 3 mbar
0.6% typ. to 0.9%
10 to 20 mbar
1.0% typ. to 2.0%
16 to 40 mbar
0.3% typ. to 0.6%
Zero shift6.9 mbar
(2% span)
6.9 mbar
(2% span)
70 mbar
(1% span)
Repeatability / Hysterisis1.4 mbar
(0.4% span)
2.0 mbar
(0.2% span)
14 mbar
(0.2% span)
Measurement sampling40 ms40 ms40 ms


Internal volume22 µL
Compensated temperature range1/4’’-28 Flat bottom
Connection fittings1/4’’-28 Flat bottom
Recommended tubing1/16’’ OD
MaterialsPEEK, EPDM, Silicium
Maximum operating altitudeUp to 2000 m
Maximum relative humidity80% (0°C to 31°C)
50% (until 50°C)
Dimensions50 x 30 x 20 mm
Weight59 g


Voltage range (direct current)5 V
Maximal power10 mW


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
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Software Development Kit

Custom software application
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