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Fluigent is an international company which develops, manufactures and supports the most advanced microfluidic systems available. Whether your application is with droplets, cell biology, particle studies, or in other research areas, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions to your fluid control needs.

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Rendu 1 (002)
RX pressure source
LineUp PushPull

The Fluigent Educational Packages provide a broad introduction to microfluidics and its applications by familiarizing the user with general microfluidic principles and microfluidic systems.

A new addition to the Fluigent OEM family of products: The RX pressure source, designed to be seamlessly integrated into OEM systems or used as a standalone pressure source.

The LineUp Push-Pull is a new addition to the LineUp series with the ability to deliver finely regulated pressure or a vacuum through a single outlet.


cell scale bar

We have demonstrated the use of Aria and its related software for the automated delivery different liquids for the capture and labelling of breast cancer cells using a complex microfluidic setup. We also demonstrate how Aria can adapt to specific protocols by making use of its specific software features, allowing for the optimization of protocols.


Here, the performance of three commonly used surfactants are compared at three different concentrations. The droplet stability over time and the droplet occupation rate is determined by encapsulating a microbial community derived from human skin.


Discover how using microfluidics allows one to encapsulate single or multiple cells into droplets of pL volume which are generated at a rate of approximately 1 000 per second.


Published on March 20, 2020

Published on January 14, 2020

Published on November 11, 2019

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Our laboratory trust Fluigent products, engineers, software developers as well as the entire team that makes every day a great job.

Fabrice Monti
MMN Laboratory, IPGG Paris, France

The compact and clever design of the Microfluidic Flow Control System (MFCS™-EZ) in combination with an individual support has greatly brought forward our work with picoliter droplets.

Lisa Mahler
Hans-Knöll-Institut (HKI) Jena, Germany

“We have found the Fluigent equipment to be very helpful to our microfluidic research on various fluid mechanics and transport problems. For example, in order to investigate diffusion of nano particles inside a microfluidic channel, we originally tried to generate a concentration gradient along a closed channel by constantly flowing solutes across one open end. […]

Howard Stone and Sangwoo Shin
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Princeton University, USA



Worldwide delivery

All our products are manufactured in our facilities in France, and our quality policy assure you that you will be delivered within two weeks after your order.



Leaders in the market since 2005 Fluigent helps you get the best out your microfluidic projects, our products and expertise are made for your applications.


Quality certification

Fluigent is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This attests to our capabilities to meet customer and partner satisfaction on a regular basis for our products and services

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