Omi, automated organ-on-chip platform

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A one-of-a-kind innovative Organ-on-Chip Platform

Omi is an automated platform that helps reproduce the microphysiological behavior of organs inside microfluidic chips. It is compatible any type of chips to sustain different cell culture types or organ on chip models (Liver, Gut, Skin…)

Omi organ-on-a-chip platform for micro physiology experiment and cell culture
Main benefits
  • Designed for biology

    Suited for cell culture under sterile conditions

  • Versatile

    Can be used with any microfluidic chip design

  • Efficient

    Automated and fully integrated platform

  • Easy-to-use

    Intuitive interface and technology for beginners and advanced researchers

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Features of the cell culture platform

Fully integrated platform

Omi can perform user customized protocol including perfusion, recirculation, injection and sampling.

Compact and transportable

The device is designed to fit in incubators and can be easily transported to a microscope for imaging or cell analysis while maintaining perfusion.

Remote control

Set up and monitor your protocols on Omi’s application’s user friendly interface with WIFI.


Inject cell or fresh medium, deliver test compounds, collect samples without disconnecting the microfluidic chip and disturbing the shear stress conditions of the experiments.

Completely autonomous platform

2-hour battery allows for transport from incubator to imaging system.

Control your experiments with Fluigent’s Omi

Omi, automated organ-on-chip platform, can perform any perfusion protocol. It has the ability to customize and automate any protocol that includes simple perfusion, recirculation, sampling and injection. It meets the needs of both beginners in cell culture research and advanced Organ-on-Chip researchers who seek automation and reproducibility.

Designed to fit in incubators, and easy to transport to a microscope for imaging or cell analysis.

This versatile and automated organ-on-chip platform can perform long term cell culture under flow to control shear stress conditions. Its two-hour autonomy battery and Wifi connectivity ensure easy and intuitive monitoring. It can easily be transported from an incubator to a microscope to perform live cell imaging while maintaining cell perfusion under battery power.

Omi, automated organ-on-chip platform
omi fluigent Reproducibility and experiment duplication

Reproducibility and experiment duplication have never been this easy!

Omi can be used in different modes :

Single mode : signel channel perfusion for cell culture, such as blood vessel reproduction

Dual mode : double channel perfusion for co culture to perform liquid/liquid interface or blood brain barrier reproduction by synchronizing two Omi with one organ-on-chip .

One incubator, several Omis

This space saving platform allows multiple Omis (in dual or single mode) inside a single incubator to reproduce a given experiment. Units can then be easily transported to a microscope for real-time monitoring.

fluigent omi organ on a chip platform

A range of protocol functions possible with a single Organ-on-Chip Platform


Perfuse up to 4 mL of several types of liquids such as cell culture media for a long period of time in a controlled and reproducible way. The stability and precision of the perfusion allow control of the shear stress throughout any experiment.


Unidirectional recirculation of medium while maintaining a constant flow rate for a long period of time.


Sample up to 4 mL of soluble factors secreted in the culture medium for analysis or imaging.


Inject up to 4 mL of fresh medium during the experiments.


Omi is the perfect automated organ-on-chip platform for any organ-on-a-chip application. It allows the simulation of any organ
, and by pairing several Omi together, one can model different interfaces for modeling of human organs.

The Omi is ideal for drug discovery, ADME-Tox, and other disease models.

Discover more about Organ-on-chip technology and its diverse applications with our white paper

Single Channel Configuration

Blood Vessel Reproduction

Study drug transport or nutrient absorption with endothelial cells-on-chip with Omi.

Cancer Drug Discovery

Mimic the effect of drug compounds on tumor cells to evaluate their response to the treatments.

Double Channel Configuration

Liquid / Liquid interface

Omi’s fluidic system allows, when paired in 2, to model liquid-liquid interfaces to reproduce
physiological functions of different human organs.


Assess vascular permeability using our platform and brain cells-on-chip. Our microfluidic functionalities and protocols allow for accurate cell organization and physiology to study the microenvironment of the human brain. 


Study drug absorption and interaction with endothelial cells in gut-on-chip models with Omi’s fluidic functionalities. Inject new nutrients or drugs and analyze  cell behavior by sampling the medium. 



Flow rate controlFrom 1 µL/min to 1 mL/min
Maximum pressure800 mbar at maximum
Fluid reservoir volume4 mL
Perfusion volumeFrom 1.5 mL to 4 mL
Min volume recirculated2,5 mL


Dimensions (L*W*H)190 x 120 x 60 (mm)
Weight757 g
Operating temperature15-40°C
Gas input pressureAtmospheric pressure
Gas input compositionDry 2 µm-filtered ait, nitrogen


Power supply voltage24 V DC
Max energy consumption12 W
Max current requirement0.5 A
Battery autonomy2 h


Dimensions80 x 60 x 36 (mm)
Weight56 g
MaterialsMedical grade polycarbonate and MVQ silicone*
Working fluidsWater based solutions, IPA, Ethanol
CleaningIsopropanol, 80%/20% v/v water ethanol solution

*Check the material compatibility of the used solutions with the wetted materials


MaterialFEP (provided) , but other materials possible depending on the connector
ID250 μm (provided), but other can be used depending on the application
OD1/16” (provided), but other can be used with a compatible 1⁄4-28 flat bottom connector

Omi SOFTWARE (tablet)

Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
ver. or more recent

*Provided with the Omi device details?id=com.fluigent.omi&pli=1