Food testing & Agriculture

Microfluidics in Food Industry

Emulsion production

The unique nature of emulsions as thermodynamically stable dispersions, when generated with a size distribution of different sized droplets has made them suitable for a number of applications in food industries.

Food analysis

Food safety analysis is important to control food contamination and quality. It is needed to construct effective methods for on-site, fast, and accurate food safety sensing. Microfluidic based analytical systems are attractive because of their inherent features of speed of analysis and low sample volumes.

Expertise & resources

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From the life sciences to the food industry, many applications require the use of fluids driven at flow rates from nanoliters to milliliters per minute. At such low flows, the success of these applications strongly depends on the level of control and automation of the fluidic operations.

These applications require flow control systems that are adapted for ensuring their success.

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