Microfluidic Valves

Microfluidic valves, also called microvalves, are basic components used in microfluidic devices to handle liquids through different valve ports.
Fluigent microfluidic valves allow users to complexify the fluidic path of any experiment. The valves can be easily integrated in the set-up andcontrolled in real-time, even without the requirement of a PC.

Our microfluidic valves offer a minimized reagent consumption, decreasing experiment’s cost and featuring a low internal volume. They prevent the risk of cross-contamination and biofilm formation, avoiding dead volumes. They also feature standard microfluidic connections and easy OEM integration with other devices. Their optimized materials generate strong stability to mechanical movements and high chemical compatibility.

Fluigent software solutions extend user capabilities and allow for the automation of valve actuation timing. The switching solutions are the perfect tools for applications such as sequential injections, sample distributions, recirculation and sorting operations.

Main benefits
  • Compact devices
  • Automation capabilities
  • Adaptability & Versatility
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Low internal volume
  • Quick actuation time

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