Custom Software Development


    Software Development Kit

    Custom your own software application using the SDK to automate and monitor Fluigent devices. It allows for integration of Fluigent devices in an external application. It has been designed in several languages, including LabVIEW, C++, C#.NET, Python, and MATLAB. The SDK controls all Fluigent  instruments . One can use the SDK for basic hardware set-ups or for specific software integration with external devices.


    One instance for all

    All Fluigent instruments (pressure/flow controllers, valves and sensors) are managed by one instance.

    Embeded software

    If hardware is changed, in many cases software code does not need to be adapted

    Custom regulation

    Embedded regulation allows for custom loop feedback between any pressure and sensor

    External compatibility

    External sensors (non-Fluigent) can also be controlled to have a complete system.

    Advanced customization

    Features such as limits, units, calibration and detailed error logs allow for advanced functionalities.


    Pythonver. 3.1+ minimum
    LabVIEWver. 2016+ minimum
    MATLABver. R2015a+ minimum
    C++ver. 11+ minimum
    C#ver. .NET Core 3.3 minimum

    Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32/64-Bits)

    Python (ver. 3.1+ minimum)
    LabVIEW (ver. 2016+ minimum)
    MATLAB (ver. R2015a+ minimum)
    C++ (ver. 11+ minimum)
    C# (ver. .NET Core 3.3 minimum)

    MacOS (latest version)

    Python (ver. 3.1+ minimum)
    C++ (ver. 11+ minimum)
    C# (ver. .NET Core 3.3 minimum)


    Python (ver. 3.1+ minimum)
    C++ (ver. 11+ minimum)
    C# (ver. .NET Core 3.3 minimum)