Water treatment & analysis

Microfluidics in Water Treatment

One great challenge

Water security is recognized as one of the great challenges of the 21st century by many international organizations. Continuous monitoring of water resources such as freshwater, seawater,  wastewater, and drinking water, for human and animal consumption, is essential.

Standard methods

Conventional water monitoring is mainly based on laboratory instruments or sophisticated and expensive handheld probes for on-site analysis. This requires trained personnel and can be time-consuming.

Miniaturized chemical systems

Microfluidic devices provide a way to perform analysis at remote locations, enabling in situ analysis at the point of sampling. Reduced measurement times, improvements in sensitivity, enhancement of selectivity, and high repeatability are advantages of microfluidic devices when integrated into miniaturized chemical systems.

Expertise & resources

Looking for another market?

From the life sciences to the food industry, many applications require the use of fluids driven at flow rates from nanoliters to milliliters per minute. At such low flows, the success of these applications strongly depends on the level of control and automation of the fluidic operations.

These applications require flow control systems that are adapted for ensuring their success.

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