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Choosing the right microfluidic controller is the first step in developing any microfluidic experiment, but it is not always an easy task. In a microfluidic set-up there are two kinds of flow resistances: external flow resistances (tubing and fittings) and internal flow resistances (microchip design). Both will determine the necessary pressure to achieve the desired flow rate.

microfluidics flow rate calculator

To help our clients choose the right instrument, Fluigent has designed this calculator to estimate the resistance of most microfluidic setups. Detailing your setup below will determine which pressure range to work with and the recommended microfluidic pump.

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Chip geometry

Select the design matching the microfluidic chip used in the experiment. If no chip design is appropriate, please select the closest according to the number of sections.

flow rate calculator chip geometry straight channel

flow rate calculator chip geometry Y network

flow rate calculator chip geometry  cross network

flow rate calculator chip geometry H network

Control type & unit

Select the type of control applied to the microfluidic experiment, flow rate or pressure, and the units to display the entry and results in. Enter the dynamic viscosity of the fluid used in the microfluidic experiment. Note that water (at 20°C) dynamic viscosity is 1 mPas.s.

Pressure Unit:
Flow Rate Unit:
Dynamic Viscosity (mPa.s)

Chip channels dimensions

Enter the chip channel dimensions and each section. Each microchip design has a different section number. Use the channel identification (letters from a to e) in the SETUP TYPE panel above to match the chip section accordingly. The resistance is calculated for each channel section of the chip.

Height (μm)
Width (μm)
Length (mm)
Resistance (Channel):

Tubing dimensions

Enter the tubes dimensions and each section length. Tubing may be from or to the chip, refer to the introductory image for explanation. Use the flow inlet and outlet identification (numbers from 1 to 4) in the SETUP TYPE panel above to match the tubing section accordingly. The resistance is calculated for each tube section of the setup.

Diameter (μm)
Length (mm)
Resistance (Tubing):

Control values

Depending on the control type selected above, enter the pressure or flow rate values for each tubing or microchip channel. The flow rate or the pressure are calculated and displayed. Refer to the SETUP TYPE panel to identify the according tubing or microchannel section.

Pressure 1 ()
Pressure 2 ()
Flow rate ()

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