Microfluidic Flow Control System

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MFCS™ series

The MFCS™ is a pressure based microfluidic flow controller. Either 4 or 8 channels are available with different pressure ranges for  microfluidic experiments. By using the FASTAB™ microfluidic patented technology, the MFCS™ generates a constant pressure-driven flow rate that allows for reliable and repeatable experiments.

microfluidic flow control system
Main benefits
  • Customizable

    Integrate a pressure/vacuum source

  • Adaptable

    Up to 8 channels with various ranges

  • Reliable

    Patented & Field-proven technology

  • compact

    Flat & Light design for benchtop use


Easy to set up & use

The MFCS™ can be controlled by Fluigent software to automate your protocols. It can easily be connected to other microfluidic devices such as FLOW UNIT sensors to allow for flow-rate control.

Independent channels

Each channel can be controlled independently and deliver a specific amount of pressure or vacuum to handle fluids. Range available from -800 mbar for vacuum aspiration and up to 7 bar for pressure.

Get superior results rapidly

Reach your pressure targets rapidly and get your experiment started instantaneously. The field-proven technology ensures to obtain quickly reliable and superior results for your experiments.

Reliable & Reproducible results

The FASTAB™ microfluidic patented technology used by MFCS™ series avoids cross contamination as there is no direct contact between the instrument and the reagents. The pulseless and precise control enabled by our pressure-driven technology is critical for repeatable results in many applications.

Adaptability & Integration

The MFCS™ system can provide negative or positive pressures as needed by using up to four or eight independently controllable channels. In addition, a microfluidic pressure pump can easily be integrated into a setup with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Fully customizable

The conception of a MFCS™ controller depends on your needs. You can choose the number of channels of the device (4 or 8), each channel range from -800 mbar to 7 bar, and you even have the possibility to integrate a pressure or vacuum source inside the instrument. Customize your own controller to answer your control needs.


The MFCS™ series product range is the first generation of microfluidic systems. Along with the MCFS™-EZ or MCFS™-EX, a Manifold can be added to redirect the pressure to multiple fluid reservoirs.

The flow generated can be measured or controlled with FLOW UNITs and the Flowboard. The MFCS™-EX provides up to 8 negative or positive pressure channels to pressurize multiple fluid reservoirs. It can have an integrated pressure/vacuum source or be coupled with the FLPG+, an external pressure source, for those who don’t have access to a laboratory bench mounted gas source. This system can be integrated, automated or control in real time by using Fluigent Software Solutions.

The technology used in this pressure pump avoids cross contamination because liquids only contact air. Improved reliability and  reproducibility of  of results is possible due to the  pulseless flow. The use of pressure to handle fluids also provides a quick response time allowing for precise operations such as stop flow and accurate pressure/flow rate steps. The MFCS™ series products  are well adapted to the manipulation of fluid volumes in the low to sub microliter per minute range.



Output pressure stabilityHighly monodispersed droplet size – No oscillation
System settling timeNo transitory regime – Reagent saving – Stop-flows
VolumesWide range of volume can be controlled – No compromise between volume and stability
FlexibilityAny mix or pressure ranges are available – Highly customizable


Channel part number (MFCS™-EZ)Channel part number (MFCS™-EX)Pressure/Vacuum rangeRequired supply
EZ-00345001EX-003450010 to 345 mbar (0 to 5,00 psi)1100 mbar (15,95 psi)
EZ-01000001EX-010000010 to 1000 mbar (0 to 14,50 psi)1100 mbar (15,95 psi)
EZ-01000002EX-010000020 to 2000 mbar (0 to 29,01 psi)2100 mbar (30,46 psi)
EZ-07000001EX-070000010 to 7000 mbar (0 to 101,5 psi)7100 mbar (103,0 psi)
EZ-80025001EX-800250010 to -25 mbar (0 to -0,36 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
EZ-80069001EX-800690010 to -69 mbar (0 to -1,0 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
EZ-80345001EX-803450010 to -345 mbar (0 to -5,00 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)
EZ-80800001EX-808000010 to -800 mbar (0 to -11,6 psi)-800 mbar (-11,6 psi)


DimensionsMFCS™-EZ: 160 x 230 x 63 mm
WeightMFCS™-EZ: 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)
Output connectorsFemale luer lock (-800 to 2000 mbar) – 4mm OD tube (7 bar)


Power consumption1.5 W


Gas compatibilityDry, oil-free gas, air, any non corrosive or non explosive gas
Liquid compatibilityAqueous solvent, oil, organic solent, biological sample


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
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Software Development Kit

Custom software application
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Migrating cells in gradient

Migrating cells in dynamic chemical gradients generated by a microfluidic chamber (cells, gray; chemoattractant with fluorescein,green). Video courtesy of Pr Satoshi Sawai ( University of Tokyo, Japan).

Microfluidic cell sorting

With the Fluigent Microfluidic Flow Control System (MFCS-4C) one can sort cells by size, shape and deformability as shown in this publication in the journal Lab-on-a-Chip and explained in the next video.

Separation of parasites from human blood

See an example of applications using the MFCS series: « Separation of parasites from human blood using deterministic lateral displacement, S. H. Holm, J. P. Beech, M. P. Barrett and J. O. Tegenfeldt, Lab Chip, vol.11, 2011

Microfluidic cell perfusion

The MFCSTM series and Flow EZTM with Fluigent valves can be used for automated cell perfusion as in the next video.

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