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Fluigent’s broad range of solutions for use in microfluidic and nanofluidic applications offer greater control, automation, precision, and ease of use. If you are seeking to replace high-precision syringe pumps or other conventional instruments, we offer modern microfluidic instruments and systems that enhance productivity.
Our range of microfluidic instruments includes our innovative pressure-based microfluidic controllers, which are compatible with lab-on-a-chip devices and a wide variety of microfluidic technologies, allowing users to focus on the science, not the setup.
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Our solutions have been proven for a broad range of industries: (life sciences, water management, cosmetics, food & beverage, etc.).
Microfluidics instruments in Life Science provide the ability to control cellular microenvironments with high spatiotemporal precision. It also presents cells with mechanical and biochemical signals in a more physiologically relevant context. In Pharmaceutics, microfluidics provides control over fluid flows and mixing, constituting a promising alternative to conventional batch methods.
On the other hand, given the rapid growth of the world's population, microfluidic instruments can be very useful for producing safer and more functional foods, as well as monitoring water sources with high sensitivity and repeatability. In addition, by using Microfluidic Droplet Generation, cosmetic companies can provide high-quality levels of product customization.

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Fluigent was the first to introduce pressure based flow handling solutions. The pressure based solutions have proven to bring fundamental advantages to users compared to legacy technologies (syringe and peristaltic pumps) in achievable flow accuracy, reliability and automation options.

Our solutions have been proven for a broad range of industries: (life sciences, water management, cosmetics, food & beverage…)
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