Customizable OEM Flow Control Modules

Modular Pressure based OEM flow control modules to address the specific fluid control needs of your application.

For any industry and application, where automated liquid handling requires specific features and performance. Our range of customizable OEM flow control modules based on pressure actuation offer the right liquid handling specifications required for your device.

Main benefits
  • From 1 to 8 channels pressure and vacuum
  • On-board pressure and/or vacuum source
  • Multi-channel flow rate control
  • Switch and valve control
  • Footprint optimization

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Why working with us ?

Fluigent was the first to introduce pressure based flow handling solutions. The pressure based solutions have proven to bring fundamental advantages to users compared to legacy technologies (syringe and peristaltic pumps) in achievable flow accuracy, reliability and automation options.

Our solutions have been proven for a broad range of industries: (life sciences, water management, cosmetics, food & beverage…)
Learn more this future proven technology from our article why a pressure based solution can be the best pumping method for your application ?

  • Customized solutions for your application
  • Cut development time and cost
  • International presence for a global support
  • Customer success driven
  • 15 years of fluid handling experience
  • Hardware and software expertise

Why trust us ?

  • More than 1,800 publications referencing Fluigent
  • We bring cutting edge technologies into your application
  • Fifteen years of experience in the microfluidic ecosystem
  • World class quality ISO 9001
  • Industrial design & manufacturing capability
  • Scalable and cost effective

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