11-port/10-position microfluidic valve

    The M-SWITCH™ is a bidirectional 11-port/10-position microfluidic valve for injection or selection of up to 10 different fluids or chips. The flow is bidirectional in the valve. The device can be used as a selector or as a distributor for either multiplexing or demultiplexing purposes.

    Main benefits
    • Automation

      Valve actuation timing

    • Compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    • Quick

      Actuation & Response time

    • Accurate

      Low internal volume



    Any of the peripheral ports (numbered from 1 to 10) can be connected to the central channel, and the fluidic path created is bidirectional. The M-SWITCH™ is actuated by a motor that drives a rotor. It can also be used with a manifold to use a single pressure pump to deliver multiple liquids and simplify set-ups.

    Sample generation & collection

    Different concentrations of the molecule of interest can be injected into a chip generating water in oil droplets. The droplets can then be sorted at the outlet of the chip using the M-SWITCH™ depending on their analyte concentrations. Each step can be automated using OxyGEN software.

    Sequential injections

    Up to 10 liquidscan be selected sequentially to be delivered to a chip by the M-SWITCH™. The samples at the outlet of the chip may also be sorted by using a 2-SWITCH™ either into a collection tube or to waste. Each step can be automated using OxyGEN software.


    The valve can be controlled by OxyGEN software for long-term experiments. Create a time-based protocol to set actuation timing of the valve(s).



    Switching time400 ms (180°)
    Maximum pressureUp to 7 bar


    Internal diameter0.5 mm
    Internal volume3.5 µL
    Dead volumeNone
    Dimensions60 x 110 x 110 mm
    Weight746 g
    Wetted materialsCTFE, UMHW-PE


    Power consumption2 A (peak)


    Gas compatibilityDry, oil-free gas, air, any non corrosive or non explosive gas
    Liquid compatibilityAqueous solvent, oil, organic solent, biological sample


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
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    Sample generation & collection