Microfluidic Recirculation Package


    A ready-to-use package for unidirectional and stable fluid recirculation

    The Recirculation Package allows continuous flow between two reservoirs while maintaining a unidirectional flow-rate in the cell culture chamber.

    pack recirculation products
    Main benefits
    • Easy

      Ready to use system

    • Cost effective

      Small sample volumes

    • Time saving

      Automated circulation and switching


    Complete system

    All the components necessary included.

    Durable experiments

    With OxyGEN’s automated Recirculation protocol, experiments can be prolongued to last up to more than 60h with a fixed amount of fluid.

    Generate complex flow patterns

    Control flow rate or pressure for applications with constant shear stress like vascular perfusion.

    Reproduce complex flow patterns such as aortic pressure variations while maintaining a unidirectional flow in the chip.

    Dedicated protocols

    Build customized, time-base protocols to save time and reduce variability. Fluigent’s products can be automated using user-friendly software (OxyGEN) to significantly increase the duration of your experiments.

    Volume reduction

    Reduce drastically the volume of your experiments and the amount of fluid needed with recirculation.

    Shear stress control

    Fluigent’s products precision and short switching time allows the control of shear stress inside the chip throughout the experiment.

    Main products of the Microfluidic Recirculation Package



    Our Microfluidic Recirculation Package contains :

    LineUp Flow EZ pressure controller (345 mbar) (x2)
    LineUp LINK Module (software control) (x1)
    FLOW UNIT M (x1)
    2-SWITCH (x2)
    SWITCH EZ (x1)
    P-CAP series 15 mL (x2)

    recirculation package setup
    Fig 3 : Schematic of the Microfluidic Recirculation Package setup


    ProductPart number
    2*Flow EZLU-FEZ-0345
    1*LINK moduleLU-LNK-0002


    ProductPart number
    2*15 mL Pcap with 15 mL Falcon tubeP-CAP15-HP
    2*Fluidic T junctionCTQ-TFLU


    ProductPart number
    1*Flow unit MFLU-M-D


    ProductPart number
    1*Tubing and connection Kit P-CAP 15mL
    FEP tubing with an ID of 500 microns
    2*Tubing and connection Kit 2-SWITCH CTQ-KIT-2SW2
    1*Tubing and connection Kit Flow UNIT M CTQ-KIT-LQ


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

    See the offer

    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

    See the offer

    complete recirculation package positions
    Fig 4 : Complete schematic of the two positions of the Microfluidic Recirculation Package
    Fig 5 : Simplified schematic of the two positions of the Microfluidic Recirculation Package

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