Microfluidic Software Control

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    Our LineUp instruments can be controlled locally by the user, without the need of a computer. However, in some cases, using a software can be advantageous as it offers more control options, automation, and a more user-friendly interface. For this reason, Fluigent developed 2 microfluidic software control modules enabling a stable connection between the instrument and a computer.

    The LineUp™ LINK allows for connection between the LineUp™ system and the PC using USB communication or TTL signals. All LineUp™ series modules can be controlled using Fluigent Software Solutions and access to features such as custom integration, automation or graphical displays The LineUp™ LINK COM allows for connection between the LineUp™ system and the PC using serial port communication or TTL signals.

    LINK Microfluidic Software control
    Main benefits

      Straight forward set up & use

    • compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    • Automation

      Automate your protocols

    • Versatile

      Multiple connection types

    Features of Microfluidic Software Control

    USB connection

    The LINK allows for microfluidic software control over all LineUp instruments on common Desktop OS including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

    Serial port connection

    The LINK COM allows for connection to the PC using serial port communication. Control the whole system using predefined commands. No use of software is required.

    TTL communication

    Two TTL ports allow one to send or receive signals to trigger events to or from compatible devices.

    Sleep mode

    Use the LINK button to power ON/OFF or put the entire chain in sleep mode.


    LINK Microfluidic Software control


    microfluidic software control link com

    Focus on the microscope. No PC is required

    Instead of looking at the PC, users can keep their eyes on the microscope, adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, the device allows for pressure or flow rate control and volume dispense making it ideal for benchtop use.



    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export/
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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application /
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