Alginate Bead Generation Pack


    A system for producing monodisperse alginate beads

    The Fluigent Alginate bead generation pack is a robust and complete system for producing outstanding monodispersed Alginates beads.  The generation pack is flexible, allowing the alginate beads to change particle sizes in hundreds of milliseconds without interrupting the production.

    The generation pack is powered by Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particles and beads production.

    Main benefits
    • ICO_BFT size

      High control over bead size

    • droplet monodispersity

      High monodispersity (2%)

    • ICO_BFT continuous

      Continuous production

    Alginate microbeads are used in a wide range of therapeutic applications including encapsulation, therapeutics delivery, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and in vitro cell culture. Some of the striking characteristics of alginate beads are their biocompatible nature, easy gelation and availability of open functional groups with ease of manipulation to synthesize alginate derivatives with advanced desirable properties. Alginate microbeads are recommended due to their nontoxicity and biodegradability, and also because they are formed from naturally occurring polysaccharides and can be made from a rapid preparation method.

    The application note demonstrates that alginate beads can be successfully produced using our setup with precise control of droplet size.

    Moreover, it’s possible to use different concentrations of alginate due to the great flexibility of our system, which allows users to change the nozzle in case of working with high viscosity liquids. Changing capillary size can be easily done by the user to target different droplet sizes.

    Due to the precision and versatility of the Alginate bead generation pack, it’s possible to produce particles for various biological applications: encapsulation, drug delivery, stem cell culture, and tissue engineering scaffolds.

    Alginate bead generation pack: Features

    Complete system

    This packages includes all the components necessary to start generating alginate droplets.

    Engineered solution

    The package was built with pressure controllers, microfluidic chips, and valves that are customizable in terms of droplet size and generation rate.

    Dedicated protocol

    A protocol is available to assist you in setting up and starting your experiments.

    Customization possible

    We can adapt the package to fulfil your needs (droplet size, generation rate).

    Developed and manufactured by Secoya

    Main products of the Alginate bead generation pack


    Beads production

    Dispersed phaseAlginate + Calcium + EDTA
    Alginate concentration0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%
    Continuous phasedSurf
    Particle size range 50 – 250 µm
    Production frequency Up to 5 000 Hz

    Flow Control

    Pumps Fluigent Flow EZ (2 000 mbar)
    Flow sensorsFluigent Flow Unit (M)
    Automated valvesFluigent 2-SWITCH

    Imaging (optional)

    MicroscopeFluigent Digital high-speed microscope


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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    Extrusion methodFluigent microfluidic method
    Particle size distributionup to 50%~ 2%
    Particle size controlnoPrecise
    Continuous (in line) productionnoyes

    Microfluidics for Alginate Microbeads Production