Pneumatic valve controller

    The LineUp™ P-SWITCH is a pneumatic valve controller. By providing two pressure sources (any vacuum or pressure from -800 to +2000 mbar), each module is able to deliver one of the two provided pressures through 8 independent outlets. The module can be used to multiply the channel output number in the LineUp™ system or any other pressure system.

    Main benefits
    • Multiple

      Multiply the outputs

    • compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    • Adaptable

      Use with or without a PC

    • Intuitive

      Straight forward set up & use


    Expand as needed

    The LineUp™ series module can be combined together to add pressure/vacuum channels, valve control and turn one channel into 8 independent outlets using the P-SWITCH. Expand your system up to 32 outlets with 4 modules

    Pressure & vacuum compatibility

    Each P-SWITCH module requires 2 supplied sources overthe range or  -800 mbar to 2 bar. Combined with Flow EZ™ and Push-Pull, set a versatile system for pressure-base microfluidic experiments.

    Local control

    Control and regulate pressure and flow rate without a PC using the LineUp™ hardware interface. Use the P-SWITCH buttons to quickly commute outlets between the two supplied pressure(s)/vacuum(s) and focus on the experiment.

    Parallelize reservoirs

    Connect the outlets of the P-SWITCH to independent reservoirs to perform independent injections. Pressurize up to 32 reservoirs simultaneously or independently.

    Actuate pneumatic valve

    Connect the outlets of the P-SWITCH directly to quake or on-chip pneumatic valves to actuate them. Control and handle the fluid on the chip without additional tubing.

    Focus on the microscope. No PC is required

    Instead of looking at the PC, users can keep their eyes on the microscope, adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, the device allows for pressure or flow rate control and volume dispense making it ideal for benchtop use.



    Valve actuation timing10 ms
    Response timeDown to 30 ms


    Dimensions91,9 x 71,8 x 131 mm
    Weight428 g


    Power consumption6 W


    Gas compatibilityDry, oil-free gas, air, any non corrosive or non explosive gas
    Liquid compatibilityAqueous solvent, oil, organic solent, biological sample


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
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