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Droplets in Microfluidics

Microfluidic droplet experiments sucite more and more interest from scientists. Some microfluidic droplet applications are explained in this section.

Droplet generation in microfluidics is based on the use of two immiscible fluids, oil and aqueous solutions are mostly used. The droplets  are made in devices called microfluidic chips. Different physical aspects are involved in droplet generation depending on the design and material of the microfluidic chip. Among all chip designs to generate droplets, three are widespread in microfluidic area.

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DNA and its expression are at the heart of cellular mechanisms nevertheless our knowledge of cells and their diversity remains limited and incomplete.

Evan Micosko and his team have developed a new technique to fully understand the functioning of DNA.: The DropSeq, a single cell encapsulation for high throughput sequencing.

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