Drop-seq chip


    Drop-Sequencing PDMS Chips

    PDMS Chip containing  22 operational designs including a Silane hydrophobic coating

    Main benefits
    • droplet monodispersity

      Highly monodisperse droplets

    • Robust

      Durable over a wide range of parameters

    • Efficient

      Efficient production of transcript libraries


    Dedicated to Drop-seq

    Each Droplet Generation Device is based on the design recommended in the latest McCarroll lab Drop-seq protocol, ensuring the best chances of success.

    More than 22 experiments per chip

    22 Droplet Generation Devices per Chip Provides value for money in a chip that lasts. When the life of one device is depleted, simply move on to the next one

    Efficient production of transcript libraries

    Superior design promotes optimal mixing of component fluids, thereby minimizing bead shearing or premature lysis of cells and mRNA release

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