High Throughput Cell Perfusion Pack


    The perfect set for a high throughput cell perfusion

    This cell perfusion pack has been designed for high throughput experiments. The compactness and arrangement of the different elements have been optimized to perfuse a maximum number of chips and then grow multiple organ models at the same time in an incubator. It includes an 8-channel compact pressure controller, a flow rate platform, and reservoir holders directly adapted on an incubator trail.

    This setup, which has a very intuitive interface, will mimic physiological conditions, perform long-term experiments without additional effort, and produce high reproducibility and scalability.

    Main benefits
    • Biocompatible
      Designed for cell biology

      Contamination-free, sterile

    • Easy to use

      Simple connections

    • Multiplexing

      Designed for experiments parallelization

    Features of the High Throughput Cell Perfusion Pack

    Stable & Complex Flow Patterns 

    Fluigent’s products have unprecedented performances in terms of stability and responsiveness.

    High stability is particularly useful for applications with constant shear stress like vascular perfusion.

    Our Cell Perfusion Pack allows high responsiveness for the reproduction of complex flow patterns such as aortic pressure variations.

    Protocol automation

    Once the parameters are set and optimized, protocol automation is the key to saving time, limiting contamination, and decreasing variability.

    For any protocol, valves, pressure; and flow controllers from Fluigent can be assembled to automate the protocol using user-friendly software (OxyGEN).


    This package can be used for diverse applications, and with any microfluidic chip.

    Customization possible

    We can adapt the package to fulfill your needs of specific flow rates, or pressure


    Fluigent package

    Fluigent’s MFCS-EX (up to 8 channels)
    Fluigent’s Flow Unit (up to 8 flow unit packed in one platform)
    Incubator grid (On demand custom grid with reservoir holders)
    BEOnChip microfluidic chip
    Fluigent connectors and tubing kit


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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