Microfluidic size cell sorting package


    A complete package for starting size sorting experiments

    The microfluidic cell sorting package allows sorting cells or particles according to their size using inertial and Dean drag forces. Fluigent has joined with microfluidic ChipShop to provide a solution with well-designed microfluidic devices and excellent flow control for sorting experiments.

    cell sorting microfluidic
    Main benefits
    • Biocompatible

      No labeling steps

    • droplet monodispersity

      Up to 3 mL/min

    • Passive sorting

      No external source required

    • Flexible

      Up to 8 cells/particles sizes sorted per experiment


    Complete system

    With this package, you have all the components necessary to start cell sorting experiments

    Engineered solution

    We built the package with the right pressure controllers, microfluidic chips, tubing and fittings to make sure you have an the most optimized and versatile system

    Customization possible

    We can adapt the package to fulfill your needs

    Cell sorting theory

    Sorting working principle

    Particles that flow in a spiral microchannel with a rectangular cross-section experience a combination of Dean drag forces and an inertial lift. The position at which particles of different sizes equilibrate depends on the ratio of these two forces. This results in several particle streams that are size-dependents, and that can be extracted by designing appropriate outlets (see figure on the right).

    microfluidic stability response time

    Control flow rate with the benefits of responsive, pulse free flow

    Pulse-free flow is critical for generating high quality and repeatable results. The Flow EZ™ integrates the all-new DFC (Direct Flow Control) algorithm which allows the user to set a flow rate directly on the instrument display. The applied pressure will automatically adjust to maintain the flow rate.

    With the use of pressure instead of mechanical action, the Flow EZTM gets a responsiveness ten times faster than syringe pumps. A low response time allows one to quicky execute operations such as stop flow and pressure/flow rate steps.

    Main products of the package


    Fluigent package

    LineUp Flow EZ pressure controller 2 bar x1
    LineUp LINK Module (software control) x1
    Spiral sorter chips Fluidic 382 from microfluidic ChipShop (x3)
    P-CAP x1
    Fluigent connectors and tubing kit x1


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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    cell sorting schematic microfluidic