Microfluidic valve controller

    The LineUp™ SWITCH EZ is a module that provides power and PC control for Fluigent’s microfluidic valves. The module has 6 ports and can be combined with other LineUp™ products to have a complete and compact system for benchtop use. Connected valves can be controlled or programmed either by using the local control directly on the device or by creating an automated protocol to automate valve actuation timing.

    Main benefits
    • Intuitive

      Straight forward set up & use

    • Compact

      Uses minimum bench space

    • Smart

      Local & simultaneous control

    • Adaptable

      Control with or without a PC


    Standalone configuration

    The SWITCH EZ can be used without a computer to control Fluigent’s microfluidic valves. Connect the valves to the dedicated ports and use the local control to actuate them.

    Local control

    Control pressure or flow rate without a PC using the LineUp™ hardware interface. It allows one to quickly actuate connected valves and even order simultaneous requests.

    Software and flow control

    Combine the SWITCH EZ with any LineUp™ controller and a LINK to benefit from OxyGEN software. Control in real-time and automate valve actuation timing.

    How to easily actuate or automate microfluidic valves

    The LineUp™ SWITCH EZ is a module allowing one to control Fluigent’s microfluidic valves. The module has 6 ports and can be combined with other LineUp™ products to have a complete and compact system for benchtop use. Connected valves can be controlled or programmed either by using the local control directly on the device or by creating a protocol in real-time to automate valve actuation timing

    Focus on the microscope. No PC is required

    Instead of looking at the PC, users can keep their eyes on the microscope, adjusting the control dial with one hand. In this stand-alone configuration, the device allows for pressure or flow rate control and volume dispense making it ideal for benchtop use.



    Maximum number of supported valvesUp to six 2-SWITCH
    Up to three M-SWITCH or L-SWITCH


    Dimensions91,9 x 71,8 x 131 mm
    Weight317 g


    Power consumption6 W
    Electrical consumption2 A (peak)


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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