Most Simple Droplet Generation Chip


    EZ drop

    The Droplet Kit is designed to be used with the Droplet Starter Pack. It contains the PDMS Droplet Chips with tubing and fittings needed for your experiment. It works with any Flow EZ™ pressure channels and FLOW UNITS models.

    droplet microfluidic chip EZ drop
    Main benefits
    • Easy

      Most simple droplet generation kit

    • droplet monodispersity
      Highly monodisperse

      Down to 2% CV

    • ICO_BFT size

      Large droplet range


    Large droplet range

    Using the EZ drop chip, water-in-oil droplets with a diameter ranging from 20 µm to more than 100 µm diameter can be generated.

    Higher generation rate

    Using the best configuration, droplets can be generated at a frequency of up to 4 000 Hz (out of the droplet starter pack)

    User friendly

    No complex connectors, microscope slide dimensions, and 20 µm, 50 µm, and 100 µm markers on the PDMS Droplet Chip to determine droplet size.

    Related applications

    Highly monodisperse droplets



    EZ drop chips x3
    2 m tubing (250 µm ID; 1/32″ OD)
    Sleeves x2


    Channels cross-section at the junction30 x 30 µm
    Channel depth elsewhere30 µm
    Channel total length after the junction6.60 mm
    Channel total length (inner to outer tubing)oil: 21 mm water: 13 mm

    Can I reorder the EZ drop chips alone?

    Of course, the chips can be ordered separately from the whole Droplet Starter Pack. We invite you to get in touch with our sales representatives or with your local distributor.

    Can I know the droplet size using pressure only?

    Yes, the size market at the nozzle are here to help you estimate the size of the droplets you are generating. The Droplet Starter Pack has been designed to have very stable flow-rates, as the microfluidic resistance is mainly within the chip. This means that the flow-rates will stay stable even with pressure control only, thus the droplet sizes.