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oxygen fluigent
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A New Software interface for all instruments, multiple Operating Systems and all your control needs.

The new way to get full control of your microfluidic setup. OxyGEN is a single interface, with plug and play capabilities, available for common desktop OS, that allows you to control, monitor and automate all Fluigent products. It combines in one program all the functions and capabilities of our traditional software: A-i-O, MAT, ESS control and much more. Through its intuitive dashboard, OxyGEN is our new reference tool for real-time control and for developing time based protocols focusing on pressures, flow rates, volumes, and valve control in microfluidic experiments.

Download OxyGEN (Windows, MacOS, Linux)


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Benefits & Features

Some additional features include:

Channel coupling
Control several channels at the same time










Couple channels together, set a ratio factor and use a single slider to control multiple channels simultaneously in real time.

Simulation mode
Wanting to test a device ? Simulate it










The entire Fluigent product line available for simulation. Access the complete set of features and control as if you were in the lab.

                    Hot Plug & Play
          Connect, use, reconnect without starting over











Any connected instrument even during operation will be detected, displayed and instantly available for control and automation.

Simultaneous commands
Control instruments, at programmed times or in real time










Lock your controls to set your orders on connected or simulated instruments and actuate them all at the same time for simultaneous operation.

Volume counter
Measure fluid delivery over time with independent counters










Monitor dispensed volume on screen during an experiment, set the units, the flow rate and always be aware of the remaning sample reservoir volume with this tool.

Real-Time Control
 Control all instruments from a single dynamic interface










Customize the workspace and control any simulated or connected instruments. A new set of features allows one to monitor all Fluigent instruments.

Protocol Editing
Edit and save time-based protocols with dedicated functions










Set pressures, flow rates and valve positions. Create loops and conditional paths to turn your experiment into an automated microfluidic protocol.


OxyGEN is compatible with all Fluigent Microfluidic Equipments.

LineUpTM series

  • Flow EZTM
  • Push-Pull
  • LINK


  • Flowboard

Microfluidic valves


MFCSTM & PX series

  • PX-series

OxyGEN is supported on common Operating Systems.

Windows 32/64-bits

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

MacOS 64-bits*

High Sierra 10.13+

Linux 32/64-bits

Debian 9 (stretch)+
Ubuntu 16.04+
Fedora 30+

*OxyGEN may show some instabilities on MacOS when the auto-initialization of instruments is turned ON


Live Control of FLUIGENT Microlfuidic Devices: Getting Started

Advanced Live Control of a Microfluidic Set-Up

webinar replay

This replay features the highlights and key takeaways from the session. It covers:

Overall introduction and stakes
Live control workspace discovery
In-depth advanced features for control in real-time
Protocol editor workspace exploration
From editing to running experimental protocol

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