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Alginate microbeads production station, P/N: OALGSTN-PCK

The Fluigent Alginate beads production station is a robust and complete system for producing outstanding monodispersed Alginates beads with flexibility in changing particle sizes production in hundreds of milliseconds without interrupting the production. Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particles and beads production.


Continuous production

High flexibility in Alginate beads size

Control on bead size

High reproductability

Ease of use

High monodispersity: 2%

Comparison between extrusion method and Fluigent microfluidic method

Components of the pack

2 x LineUp Flow EZ (2000 mbar)

Pressure controller

Flow EZ pressure controller Lineup

1 x LineUp LINK

Connection to the PC

Link module communication hub lineup Fluigent

2 x FLOW UNIT (M and M)

Flow meter

3 x P-CAP (3 x 15mL)

Sample reservoirs

Fluigent P-CAP air-tight metal cap pressurized reservoir with falcon tube

1 x Switchboard

Communication hub

2 x 2-Switch

Microfluidic valve

1 x RayDrop

Droplet generator

RayDrop microfluidic droplet generator


Automation software

Icon for software Microfluidic automation tool by Fluigent


Monitoring software

Icon of All in one software by Fluigent



ICO_ACC_007 Icon dsurf


Beads production
Dispersed phaseAlginate + Calcium + EDTA
Alginate concentration0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%
Continuous phasedSurf
Particle size range*50-250 µm
Production frequency*Up to 500Hz
Flow control
Pumps**Fluigent Flow EZ (2000mbar)
Flow sensors**Fluigent FLOW UNIT (M)
Automated valves**Fluigent 2-SWITCH
Imaging (optional)
MicroscopeFluigent Digital high-speed microscope
Live controlFluigent A-i-O
Automated controlFluigent MAT
ImagingPixelink Capture Software

*Depending on Alginate concentration (download the Alginate beads production application note)

**For detailed specification: download LineUP User Manuel, ESS User Manuel

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