Microfluidic OEM Flow Sensor

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FS+ series

Our microfluidic OEM flow sensor FS series is dedicated to flow rate control and monitoring. When combined with Fluigent pressure controllers, it permits pressure-based flow control. It enables precise and accurate measurements of dynamic liquid flow rates from 0 – 1.5 µL/min and up to 40 mL/min bi-directionally.


Bidirectional Microfluidic oem flow sensor
Main benefits
  • Short response time

    Pressure-based direct flow rate control

  • High stability

    High reliability & long-term stability

  • Reliable

    Industry-proven technology


    Easy-to-use systems

Features of our microfluidic OEM flow sensor

High accuracy for various flow rate ranges

Highly precise flow measurement with an accuracy of less than 5% error on the measured value. The different Flow Sensor models offer an extensive choice of flow-rate ranges to best match your needs over the range of 7nL/min to 40 mL/min.

Plug & Play

Using Fluigent electronics and algorithms, the sensors are directly recognized by Fluigent systems and SDK/software for starting experiments right away.

Compact and fast integration

The sensors were developed to be cost-effective and easily integrated into any system.

Air bubble detection*

In addition to liquid monitoring, it is possible to detect bubbles using the microfluidic OEM flow sensor during an experiment.

*Bubble detection is only available for the FS+ series

Benefits of the FS Series and FS Series + microfluidic OEM flow sensor

microfluidic OEM flow sensor DFC

Fluigent provides highly stable and responsive real-time flow control 

By directly connecting a microfluidic OEM flow sensor to Fluigent pressure controllers, it is possible to monitor or control the flow rate in real time. The algorithm includes a continuous optimization of the parameters, allowing it to adapt to the interactions between fluidic channels in complex situations.

Fluigent’s powerful pressure regulation algorithm is based on physical equations and self-learning routines that offer several benefits:

  • No overshoot/undershoot, allowing for a responsive, accurate, and stable flow rate
  • Adapts to any reservoir size
  • Compatible with a wide pressure or vacuum range (up to 7,000 mbar, -800 mbar vacuum, standalone pressure/vacuum regulation capability)

Flow rate is sometimes vital for you application

Flow rate may need to be tightly controlled for a number of applications. In droplet microfluidics, it is useful to correlate the droplet size with the droplet frequency (generation rate).  For dynamic organ-on-chip applications, the flow rate is needed to evaluate the shear stress imposed on cells. It is also an important feature for applications that require dispensing a specific volume of liquid, such as for cell imaging applications in which various reagents are delivered. Fluigent microfluidic OEM flow sensor is suitable for all types of aqueous liquids, such as distilled water, media, PBS, etc.

It is useful for many biological applications, including:

  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications using microfluidic Digital PCR to quantify ctDNA in liquid biopsies for oncology, to detect low-level genetic variants in infectious diseases
  • Microscopy for cell biology research, DNA-PAINT imaging, genomics research, live cell imaging
  • Drug discovery using microphysiological systems such as 3D-(co)-cultures, organoids, organ-on-chip models
  • Molecular analysis including microfluidic modulation spectroscopy or mass photometry

microfluidic OEM flow sensor high flow

Mid- and high-flow applications (7uL/min – 40 mL/min): FS + series

For applications that require flow rates ranging from 7 µL/min to 40 mL/min, we recommend our latest microfluidic OEM flow sensor series. It consists of a high-precision sensor and electronics integrated into a compact casing. Standard M3 sized screws can be used for fixing the device. Using these flow sensors, one can also monitor  liquid temperature and detect air bubbles that pass through the sensor.

Two references are available: L+ and M+

FS series L+

H2O full-scale flow rate: 0 – ± 40 mL/min*

Accuracy: ±5 % of measured value if flow rate > 1 mL/min, 

               50 µL/min if flow rate < 1 mL/min

*Additional specifications available on the specification table and on the datasheet

FS series M+

H2O full-scale flow rate: 0 – ± 2 mL/min*

Accuracy: ±5 % of measured value if flow rate > 10 µL/min, 

               0.5 µL/min if flow rate < 10 µL/min

*Additional specifications available on the specification table and on the datasheet

microfluidic OEM flow sensor low flow

Low flow applications (< 7 uL/min): FS series

For applications that require flow rates lower than 10 µL/min, we recommend our original flow sensor series.

Two references are available: XS and S


Sensor performance

FS seriesFS seriesFS+ seriesFS+ series
Sensor modelXSSM+L+
Calibrated mediaWater




Accuracy (m.v.= measured value)
also applies to negative values
10% m.v. above 75 nL/min
7.5 nL/min below 75 nL/min

5% m.v. above 0.42 µL/min
21 nL/min below 0.42 µL/min

20% m.v. above 4.2 µL/min
210 nL/min below 4.2 µL/min
5% m.v. above 2.4 µL/min
0.12 µL/min below 2.4 µL/min

20% m.v. above 25 µL/min
5 µL/min below 25 µL/min
5% m.v. above 0.04 mL/min
1.5 µL/min below 0.04 mL/min

20% m.v. above 0.5 mL/min
100 µL/min below 0.5 mL/min
Lowest detectable flow increment3.7 nL/min10 nL/min

Mechanical specifications

FS seriesFS seriesFS+ seriesFS+ series
Sensor modelXSSM+L+
Sensor diameter25 µm150 µm 430 µm 1.0 mm
Maximum pressure200 bar200 bar 12 bar 12 bar
Wetted materialsPEEK
& Quartz Glass
& Quartz Glass
PPS, stainless steel 316L
Fittings: PEEK/ ETFE
PPS, stainless steel 316L
Fittings: PEEK/ ETFE
Total mass10g10g50g50g
Length of the electrical cable1.5m1.5m1.5m1.5m
Inner volume1µL1.5µL~ 28µL~ 28µL
Sensor inner diameter25µL150µL400µL400µL
Fluid connector portsUNF 6-40 for 1/32” OD tubingUNF 6-40 for 1/32” OD tubingUNF 1⁄4′′-28 flat bottom for 1/16” OD tubingUNF 1⁄4′′-28 flat bottom for 1/16” OD tubing


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
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Software Development Kit

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