OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller


    Fluigent PX

    The FLUIGENT PX is a single, miniaturized electronic OEM microfluidic pressure controller with an integrated and intelligent feedback loop for the highest performance. Its patented, field-proven Fastab™ technology allows both fast settling times and outstanding stability. It provides a dual interface USB and RS232 for high versatility in the integration. The delivered software package is suitable for Windows and Linux platforms.

    Main benefits
    • High precision

      High-quality pressure control

    • compact

      Designed for industrial integration

    • Cost-effective

      Unmatched price-performance ratio


    Different models to fit your needs

    The PX OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller is a CE and RoHS compliant single controller available in 3 pressure ranges. It is available for vacuum and pressures of up to 2 bar. It has been designed to maximize versatility with its dual interface USB and RS232 ports and is delivered with a full software package (SDK) to ease integration into Windows or Linux-based software platforms.

    Best in class stability

    0.1% thanks to our field-proven, patented FASTAB™  technology allowing optimal flow control with the robustness required in demanding industrial environments.

    Precise fluid injection

    Combine it with a flow sensor to regulate directly in flow rate and inject precise amounts of volume in the system.

    Expand as needed

    Combine as many modules as you want to fit your application needs. Each module consists of a separate pressure channel and can be controlled independently.

    Description of our OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller 

    In the base configuration, the system controls pressure, and the liquid flow is a function of system resistance, fluid viscosity, etc. The addition of a flow sensor enables one to control or monitor flow rate as well as dispense volume. The pressure automatically adjusts in the background to maintain the flow rate. When connected to a computer, one can use our Fluigent software to benefit from automation or live monitoring and recording of data.

    The PX OEM microfluidic pressure controller is available in different pressure and vacuum ranges, to provide the optimum level of pressure control and resolution. These can easily be joined together to match all application requirements or reconfigure the system for a new experimental design.

    OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller stability and response time

    FASTAB Microfluidic patented technology

    Fluigent developed the patented FASTAB™ technology: a pressure-driven technology that has no moving parts and includes an advanced feedback control algorithm to maintain precise pressure control.

    The technology used in this pressure pump avoids cross-contamination because liquids only contact air. Improved reliability and reproducibility of results are possible due to the pulseless flow.

    The use of pressure to handle fluids also provides a quick response time allowing for precise operations such as stop flow and accurate pressure/flow rate steps.


    OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller technical specifications


    Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
    ver. or more recent

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    Software Development Kit

    Custom software application
    ver. or more recent

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    OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller: User case

    OEM Microfluidic Pressure Controller for lab on a chip experiment


    A photonic technology institute tests a variety of lab-on-chip systems, the number of flow channels and the required pressures vary from one test to another.


    Due to its individually stackable channels adapted for different pressures, the PX series allowed for control of the different pressure variations required.


    The PX OEM microfluidic pressure controller simplifies fluid management even for multiple fluids, and reduces the time needed to add or remove channels. It provides flexibility without compromising performance (accuracy and response time).