Non-Invasive Flow Sensor for Industrial Integration

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Our OEM non-invasive flow sensor (NIFS) is dedicated to flow rate monitoring and control. When combined with Fluigent pressure controllers, it allows pressure-based flow rate control without fluid contact, no liquid calibration is needed. It allows for accurate and repeatable measurements of a large range liquid flow rates bi-directionally.

Non-Invasive Flow sensor for Industrial Integration
Main benefits
  • High performance

    Fluigent’s expertise and industry-proven technology

  • Versatile

    Use for all liquids, wide flow rate range

  • Reliable

    No liquid contact

  • Plug and play

    Straight forward set and use


High accuracy and precision

With Fluigent’s regulation control technology, the NIFS can measure flow rate with 5% accuracy.

Liquid contamination-free

As the non-invasive flow sensor is placed in the pneumatic path, it does not touch the liquid. It is suitable for applications where sterility is required. No cleaning is necessary.

Fluid calibration-free

Unlike traditional flowmeters, the NIFS functions independently of the liquid properties.                                    


The sensor is compact and is recognized and integrated in your microfluidic setup by Fluigent software when connected.

An innovative, non-invasive flow sensor to overcome the limitations of current microfluidic flow meters

Effective microfluidic flow control requires accurate and reproducible flow rate measurement.

Fluigent’s cutting-edge technology enables users to monitor or control the flow rate in the fluidic path. Our contactless flow meter derives it from the air flow rate in the pneumatics at the outlet of our F-OEM / P-OEM / PX controllers. It is completely non-intrusive and eliminates potential contamination or clogging.

Learn more about flow sensing technologies in our expertise review section

Fluigent provides lasting and highly stable flow rate control with the non-invasive flow sensor

NIFS Flow Sensor comparison

Fluigent’s pressure regulation algorithm is based on physical equations and self-learning routines that offer several benefits: 

  • No overshoot/undershoot – allowing for a responsive, accurate, and stable flow rate
  • Adaptable to three reservoir sizes
  • Compatible with wide pressure and vacuum ranges

Learn more about this unique technology in our dedicated technology webpage.

NIFS algorithm principle
Graph of non-invasive flow sensor controlled with the DFC algorithm
Comparison of flow rate regulation between the non-invasive flow sensor (NIFS) and the FS Series

Non-Invasive Flow sensor for Industrial Integration

A wide range of flow rates and applications for the non-invasive flow sensor

For applications that require a contamination-free or sterile environment, working with several types of fluids, continuous operation with slow flow response time and flow rates ranging from 100 µL/min to 10 mL/min, we recommend our latest flow sensor, the NIFS. It consists of sensing elements and electronics integrated into a compact case. Standard M3 sized screws can be used for fixing the device.

Key applications

Including cell culture under flow, blood/plasma perfusion, organ-on-a-chip, single/double emulsions, microparticles or cell-encapsulation.

Cell biology

Many biological experiments require disposable or sterilized components in the fluidic path. The use of NIFS is ideal for these applications.

Microfluidic droplet generation

As there is no calibration needed to manipulate several liquids, the NIFS saves time when users want to generate droplets, a process that involves different fluids (aqueous solutions, oil, surfactants, alcohols…).

Biochemical and molecular analysis

A sterile environment and lack of need for a calibration step are beneficial for drug, enzyme or food analysis through screening with droplet microfluidics.



Part Number[INIFS]
Calibrated mediaAir
Range100 μL/min to 10 mL/min
Accuracy5% reading
Lowest detectable flow increment5 μL/min
Response time10 s for reading
10 to 30 seconds for regulation (depends on the volume to control and the setup)


Dimensions (L*W*H)99.85 x 45.00 x 33.50 mm
Weight117 g
Maximum pressure2 bar
Penumatic connector ports4 mm OD
Length of the electrical cable1 m


ProductsFOEM: via micro-USB or via USB-A connected to computer
POEM/PX: via USB-A connected to computer
Accessories2 mL reservoir + P-CAP screw
15 mL reservoir + P-CAP screw
50 mL reservoir + P-CAP screw


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
ver. 2.2.0 or more recent

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Software Development Kit

Custom software application

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Use with F-OEM
Use with PX series
ProductNIFSFS series
InvasivenessNoninvasive: connected to the pneumatic pathInvasive: connected to the fluidic path
CalibrationNot requiredRequired for fluids with different viscosity than water
Flow rate range100 µL/min to 10 mL/min75 nL/min to 10 mL/min
Maximum pressure2 bar15 bar
Response time10 to 30 sec*< 1 sec*
Flow stabilityExcellentExcellent
Recommended use– Control of different liquid (no calibration/cleaning steps)
– Long-term processes that risk contamination or clogging (non-intrusive)
– Manipulation of aqueous fluids only (no calibration step)
– Processes with many flow rate changes (excellent response time and stability at low flow rates)

*Depends on the volume to control and the setup