A unique flow-rate measurement solution for use with any flow control system

  • High repeatability
  • Tunable to your liquids
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with any flow controller
  • From 7nL/min to 5mL/min
FRP flow-rate

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FLOW UNIT: High precision individual flow sensor

  • A bidirectional flow sensor interfaced with our software.
  • Five models with different ranges are available.


FLOWBOARD: Communication hub

A hub managing the communication between FLUIGENT software and up to

8 FLOW UNITS per FLOWBOARD. Computer connection and power supply

with a single USB plug.

1. Get the best precision for various flow-rate ranges

The different FLOW UNIT models offer an extensive choice of flow-rate ranges to best match your required precision, from 7nL/min to 5mL/min.


2. Tune your measurements for a large panel of liquids



A scale factor can be added to your measurements when handling other fluids than the liquid for which the flow sensor is calibrated for. For organic solutions, a second calibration with isopropyl alcohol is built-in on the FLOW UNIT models S, M and L.


3.  Monitor your experiment at all times

Flow-rate measurements (bidirectional) for all FLOW UNITS are displayed in FLUIGENT software (FRP-SFP or MAESFLO™ whether you use it with a MFCS™-EZ or not) An additional function displays and records the dispensed volume for each FLOW UNIT. Flow-rates can be directly controlled with the MFCS™-EZ and the Flow-Rate Control Module


4. Use with any flow control system when you need it

The FLOW UNITS have been designed to be used close to the device with any type of flow controller from pressure regulators to syringe or peristaltic pumps to best suit to your application.


5. Adapt the Flow-Rate Platform to specific applications

Any number of FLOW UNITS with any flow-rate range can be combined. A single hub, the FLOWBOARD, can host up to 8 FLOW UNITS and communicate with FLUIGENT software, which can communicate with up to 2 FLOWBOARDS.

Each FLOW UNIT has its own specifications as the FLOWBOARD, as shown in the charts below



The Flow-Rate Platform is designed to work with the Flow-Rate Platform Soft-Front Panel, or FRP-SFP, adaptable with any pump or flow controller. As shown below, the FRP-SFP displays measured values and

graphs. A toolbar shows the chosen configuration and the data recording settings.

  • Each FLOW UNIT can be customized with a special name, its own units, a scale factor for various solutions, and a calibration table (available only for the S, M and L models)
  • Record all measurements during your experiments
  • Blue or white displayof FLOW UNITS depending on their calibration table
  • Possibility to crop the toolbar to display only the values and the graphs

Unique tool to easily monitor all the flow-rates in your fluidic system with the best precision and accuracy

  • A micro heater provides a minimal amount of heat to the medium monitored (around 1°C)
  • Two temperature sensors,located on both sides of the heater, detect any temperature variation. The flow-rate is then calculated based on the spread of heat, which is directly related to the flow-rate.

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