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“Microfluidics presents various advantages to researchers who need small volumes and high throughput in answering their scientific questions. In our lab, we use microfluidic devices for the standardization and control of experimental parameters like concentration and timing. In the complex (biological) systems we are working on, the mentioned characteristics are fundamental in collecting reliable meaningful statistics, and microfluidics in combination with light microscopy offers just that. We also heavily rely on the ability to rapidly prototype devices, as we can design bespoke solutions at minimal production cost and time.

We use the pressure-based pumps from Fluigent for experiments that require swift responsiveness when manipulating fluids, and fine tuning at low flow rates. We use the Fluigent systems during the fabrication and running of the microfluidic chips. The ability to pump in air at high precision makes the Fluigent pressure-based systems ideally suited to selectively coat and functionalize micro-channels within a microfluidic network. After coating, we then fill the devices with the experimental solutions and use the pressure controls to move fluids around, open and close valves and carefully time the introduction of small molecules in the experiments.“

Kareem Al Nahas, University of Cambridge, UK

“Combining the Fluigent microfluidic flow control system with DENSsolutions liquid TEM products provide a unique route to achieve the direct observation of a wide range of liquid processes with nano or even atomic-scale resolution.”

Hongyu Sun – DENSsolutions – Delft, Netherlands

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