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Fluigent introduces Aria our automated solution for cellular perfusion or timed injection protocols. Aria allows one to automate delivery up to 10 different solutions into a chamber or microfluidic chip by following user defined protocols.

Quick look at Aria


Aria covers any applications as the volumes injected range from 40µL to hundreds of mL delivered over several days.

To minimize carryover between successive solutions, the tubing can be cleared.

The user is informed of the delivery time of each solution thanks to Aria’s intelligent software. The software also notifies the user of the minimum volume required in each reservoir to run their protocol.

Aria comes with an intuitive software that enables to design protocols in few clicks.

Incubation time, flow rate, volume dispensed, are all parameters that can be easily set by the operator for each step of his protocol.

Protocols are recorded and can be shared among users. Flow rate and pressure are recorded for each experiment

Aria Software Application Note

Aria drastically reduces variability down to 0,5% between experiments compared to 5,1% intra-operator variability and 8,1% inter-operator variability using a pipette.

Contamination free: the sample is delivered at the beginning of the experiment and is not touched during the protocol minimizing contamination risks from manual operations.

Controlled, smooth flow preserves samples compared to traditional pipetting.

Aria can synchronize with various microscopes through the use of TTL signaling. Aria can send and receive TTL signals for example to start an imaging cycle, or to resume the Aria protocol when an imaging cycle is completed.

Aria’s software comes with a dark mode to work in an imaging room.  Aria is equipped with LED’S to facilitate use in dark areas.

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