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“I got to test ARIA injection system in my research project in a collaboration with Fluigent. More precisely, ARIA injection system helped me automatize the capture process and immunostaining of breast cancer cells under a very precise and controlled flow rate. The software interface is so user friendly where I was being able to follow in real-time the progression of my experiment. The amazing part is that ARIA even calculated the total amount of time required for each step and helped me avoid the waiting time in front of my setup! It made my experiment go as smoothly as possible.” 

Emile LAKIS, PhD (Postdoc at Institut Curie/IPGG)

A unique solution for Perfusion Imaging Studies!

Fluigent introduces Aria our automated solution for cellular perfusion or timed injection protocols. Aria allows one to automate delivery up to 10 different solutions into a chamber or microfluidic chip by following user defined protocols.


  • Save time with automation and timed exposure to antibodies, fluorophores, DNA probes with automated, timed protocols
  • No manipulation is needed which reduces contamination or changes to cell conditions
  • Higher reproducibility compared to manual methods for reliable results

Microfluidic based fluid handling solution

Aria is designed to easily bring microfluidic advantages to all fluid handling experiments for reliable results.

Applications that require switching between multiple solutions (such as samples or buffers) may be time-consuming and tedious as they typically require many manual operations. Aria is designed to replace manual procedures such as pipetting or manual switching.

Microfluidics is the science of manipulating and controlling fluids, usually in the range of microliters. It decreases sample and reagent consumptions, shortens the time of experiments and reduces the overall costs of experiments. Aria can be used for any application requiring timed fluid perfusions or injections.

All-in-1 instrument

Aria facilitates fluid handling operations by automating sequential injections.

Aria is easy to setup. Installation requires only a few steps connecting the instrument to the sample chamber. Calibration procedures are automated to adapt to any fluidic path when using the supplied software.

Aria provides simple management of up to 10 fluid reservoirs. Tubes of 15ml or 2mL and larger bottles can be directly connected/loaded onto the instrument and changed during the course of the experiment. The ability to refill the reservoirs is particularly useful for long term experiments, as well as inserting different solutions during the study without stopping the instrument. All reservoirs are visible and accessible and fluid handling is completely automated preventing user induced errors, contamination or cell damage and their consequences.

Adapted to all experiments

Aria can be used on protocols of various types by programming timed delivery of up to 10 solutions with rapid transition. The instrument also allows the definition of the injection volume and flow rate, as well as the incubation time.

Aria can be setup at various distances from the sample chamber adapting to most applications or environments such as microscope facilities.

Sequential fluid delivery is key to many applications.
Obtain the best results using Aria for:

  • Sequential fluid perfusion
  • Immunolabeling
  • Live Cell based assay
  • Long-term cell perfusion
  • Micro-dosing
  • In Vitro drug screening
  • Static immersion with periodic injections

Focus on the science, not the setup

Aria automates repetitive manual sample handling. allowing users to focus on other research or data analysis.

The Aria Automation Software provides quick and easy navigation to control the experiment and walk away while the experiment is running. An offline mode makes it possible to work from a desk and upload the protocol on the lab bench. Creating and re-using protocols also increases reproducibilty as compared to manual methods

Aria Automation Software is ideal to build complex protocols to automate perfusion and save or edit them for re-use:

  • Create custom injection/perfusion sequences
  • Set injection parameters based on time or volume
  • Set the desired flow rate value for each injection/perfusion
  • Program stop flow and incubation or imaging for a defined time or until an external signal is received to resume the protocol.


Fluigent was the first to master a full pressure based flow-rate control solution. Today we put our expertise into Aria to provide the best performance for perfusion on the market for both short- and long-term experiments.

Aria integrates Fluigent expertise in microfluidics. It is based on the use of a pressure pumping principle to inject solutions. During injection/perfusion Aria pressurizes all reservoirs and the selected solution is pushed to the sample chamber. Constantly monitoring the flow rate of the solution exiting the instrument, an algorithm adapts the pressure to maintain the desired flow rate.

  • A a state-of-the-art microfluidic pressure controller allowing for fast response time
  • An 11-port / 10-way rotary valve for multiple fluid sequential injection
  • A high precision flow rate sensor for reliable results
  • Dedicated software for intuitive protocol creation and hands-free experiments
LineUP-Flow EZ
M-Switch Face


Adapted for dark rooms

ARIA-visuels-de face avec les dimensions

Aria can easily find a place on any lab bench and adapt to any microscope and chamber or chip. The instrument has a small footprint of only 39 x 26 cm to fit next to a microscope table for example. Weighing less than a few kilos, Aria can be moved if necessary.

When working in a microscope lab screen brightness can be an issue. Aria has been engineered to be used in a dark environment. The LED’s signal which solution is delivered in manual mode. While running, a dark mode theme has been developed for the Aria display to prevent excessive light. It can be toggled on/off at any time using the button top left of the screen.

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