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Liposome nanoparticles production station

Package Alginate, Liposome & Plga Raydrop

Liposome nanoparticles production station, P/N: O-MIX-LIPO-PCK

The Fluigent Liposome nanoparticles station is a robust and complete system for precise and long term production of liposomes with a high flexibility in term of liposome size range. Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high-quality particles production.


Continuous production

High flexibility in Liposome nanoparticles size

High control on Liposome nanoparticles size

High reproducibility

Ease of use

Comparison between Batch method and Fluigent microfluidic method

Components of the pack

schema liposome production station with switch ez

1 x LineUp LINK

Connection to the PC

Link module communication hub lineup Fluigent

2 x FLOW UNIT (M and L)

Flow meter

3 x P-CAP (3 x 15mL)

Sample reservoirs

Fluigent P-CAP air-tight metal cap pressurized reservoir with falcon tube

1 x Switch EZ

Communication hub

microfluidic switch ez

2 x 2-Switch

Microfluidic valve

1 x RayDrop

Droplet generator

RayDrop microfluidic droplet generator


Monitoring & Automation software

oxygen fluigent


Liposome production 
Inner phaseAbsolute ethanol + Lipids 10 mg/mL + Dimethyldioctadecylammonium (DDAB) 2.5 mg/mL
Outer phasePhosphate-buffered saline (PBS) (pH 7.2)
Particle size range30 nm to 150 nm
PolydispersityFrom 7% to 15%

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