LineUp Series, the new generation of microfluidic controllers

Discover the LineUp™ Series, Fluigent’s leading fluidic delivery platform. A complete solution, including software for automation, to easily adapt to any microfluidic setup and provide unmatched accuracy, simplicity, and versatility.

September, 17th 2020

What will be covered?

  • Introduction to microfluidic systems and pressure-based flow controller.
  • Discover Fluigent’s revolutionary pressure-based systems
  • A complete overview of the LineUp™ series features and capabilities

Why you should attend:

  • Challenge your current microfluidic setup with Fluigent revolutionary solutions
  • Discover unsuspected features and modules of the LineUp series and its future developments
  • You are developing a new microfluidic experiment and wonder how Fluigent solutions can help you

Conference animated by : 

Alexis Rezgui: product manager, Fluigent 

Arnaud REITZ: R&D, project manager, Fluigent

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