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Learn and experiment microfludiics

The Fluigent Educational Packages provide a broad introduction to microfluidics and its applications by familiarizing the user with general microfluidic principles and microfluidic systems.

These ready-to-teach packages are specifically handy for professors and teachers.

Main benefits
  • Learn

    Microfluidic theory

  • Experiment

    Up to 4 hours experiments

  • Flexible

    4 packages


Microfluidics handbook

We provide a 4 hours theory handbook that allows to give an overview of microfluidic principles, and introduces the main concepts of microfluidics.

Complete packages

all flow controllers, microfluidics chips, solutions and reagents, and a microscope are provided.

Experiment microfluidics

Up to 4 hours guided experiments are provided. Educational supplies: tubing cutter, notebook, ruler …

Related applications

4 packages are available

First level: co-flow

A beginner package to discover microfluidics by experimenting visually a pillar concept of microfluidics: laminar flows.

1 hour guided experiments:

  • Theoretical calculations related to the experiments
  • Experiments using a custom microfluidic chip for introducing  visually to laminar flows and mixing in microfluidics

Suited for: biologists, (bio)engineers, chemists, but also for high schools with scientific program.

First level: resistance

Master and take advantage of one powerful tool for optimizing your microfluidic experiments: the hydrodynamic resistance

1 hour guided experiments:

  • Perform resistance measurements on the microfluidics system
    • Theoretical calculations related to the experiments

Suited for: physicists, (bio) engineers, and fresh microfluidic users

Second level: co-flow & resistance

Co-flow and resistance in one package for a first overview on microfluidics.

2 hours guided experiments

Suited for: (bio)engineers, physicists, chemists

Please refer to the Co-flow and Resistance Packages for the setup overviews.

Full course: droplet

Get the most complete overview, with experiments pushed to real-world applications: droplet-based microfluidics.

4 hours guided experiments:

  • Droplet generation experiments
    • Particle encapsulation experiments
    • Theoretical calculations related to the experiments
    • Experiments from co-flow and Resistance

Suited for: (bio)engineers, chemical engineering, physicists, biologists and researchers


Flow control

Pressure controllersFluigent Flow EZ (1000mbar)
Flow sensorsFluigent FLOW UNIT M

Droplet production

Dispersed phaseDistilled water
Continuous phasedSurf
Droplet size range20 µm to 100 µm diameter
Generation rate (frequency)Up to 1200 Hz
Coefficient of variation (CV)2%

Fluid mixing

Solution 1Blue food dye
Solution 2Yellow food dye


MicroscopeBresser LCD Student microscope


Control in real-time, protocol automation, data record and export
ver. or more recent

See the offer

Are dye solutions included in the packages?

The dye solutions are indeed included. They are food dyes, therefore nontoxic, and you do not need to take precautions while manipulating them.

Can the handbook and accessories be ordered separately?

The handbook and accessories are part of the Educational Packages and cannot be ordered separately.

Is a pressure source included in the packages?

Pressure source (and pressure regulator) are not included in the packages but can be ordered along with a package. Otherwise, all instruments and solutions are included in the packages for starting experiments.