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In-Line Pressure Sensor

PRESSURE UNIT Inline Pressure Sensor for pressure potential value detection stand alone accessory
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The PRESSURE UNIT is a stand-alone sensor for continuous and accurate measurement of the pressure in a fluidic path. The product line can detect values over the range of -1000 mbar (-15 psi) to 7000 mbar (100 psi). The sensor can be directly connected to a PC via USB, and display measurement in real time on Fluigent All-in-One software interface. User’s can output this value for custom software applications using the Software Development Kit.


icon ease of use

Ease of use

Icone pictogram computer PC use direct connection plug and play

Connect directly to the PC

Icone pressure range detection wide for pressure and vacuum

Wide pressure and vacuum range detection

Icon compactness



Wide pressure range

No hub, stand-alone device

USB wire for PRESSURE UNIT connection to the PC computer no hub

Compact device

PRESSURE UNIT IPS compact device dimensions

Standard connection

IPS Pressure unit connection with tubing and flangeless flat bottom

Set-up example

Microfluidic set-up example with LineUp series pressure controller and PRESSURE UNIT Inline pressure sensor

One can place the PRESSURE UNIT in the fluidic path of a microfluidic set-up to detect the pressure/vacuum value applied such as the example above. Connect directly the device to the computer via USB, then the value is displayed in real time on the computer.


Software Compatibility

Icone laptop computer with All-in-One A-i-O Fluigent Software

The PRESSURE UNIT is compatible with Fluigent’s newest software applications:


LineUp series

Pressure based flow control

Flow EZ pressure controller Lineup


Pressurized reservoirs

Fluigent P-CAP air-tight metal cap pressurized reservoir with falcon tube


Monitoring software

Icon of All in one software by Fluigent


Software development kit

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