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2-way bidirectional valve
to sort/inject 2 fluids

The new 2-Switch™ is a compact and easy to use 3-port/2-way microfluidic valve. Using standard connectors it can be integrated to any microfluidic setup. Its unique design allows to stack multiple 2-Switches™ together to save space on your benchtop.

The 2-Switch™ may be used as a manually-operated, stand-alone device or controlled by our software for long-term experiments. Its versatility makes it ideal for applications where fluid sorting, switching or periodic sampling is required such as fluid sorting and can be easily adapted into an on/off system.


  • Rapid setup and ease of use
  • Compact design to reduce the size of your setup
  • Chemically and biologically compatible for sample integrity


The 2-SWITCH™ is a 3-port / 2-way solenoid valve: two ports can alternatively be connected to a third one (the common port), thanks to the movement of a diaphragm actuated by a solenoid. The flow is bidirectional in the 2-SWITCH™, meaning that the device can be used as a selector and a distributor.

switch cell technology

Fluid Switching and Sampling

The 2-SWITCH™ used as a 3-port/2-way valve can be used for fluid switching or sampling depending on the directional flow. When 2 liquids are coming into the valve, select which to inject in your setup for fluid switching. On the other hand, one liquid can be driven into selected parts of a setup for sampling/sorting.


The 2-SWITCH™ is a versatile device that can be very easily adapted into an on/off valve (2-port / 2-position) by connecting a plug to one port (other than the common port).

Example of use

The diagram shows an example on how to use the 2-SWITCH™ devices.

  • At the upstream of the microfluidic device, 2-SWITCH™ are used for each inlet as on/off switches. In order to choose which reagent will be injected into the mixing chip.
  • At the downstream of the chip, 2-SWITCH™ is used as a 2-way switch to easily sort the exiting flow and recover only the sample that you want.

All the 2-SWITCH™ can be automated so that the selection of reagents and the outlet sorting are fully synchronized. This kind of fluidic diagram can be very useful for chemical mixing reactions, stoichiometry and viscosity studies.

buffer selection switch

Software control

Live control protocol with ESS™ CONTROL

The ESS™ Control allows to visualize and control the 2-SWITCH and other Fluigent valves position in real time. The full setup automation and dynamic display ensure :

• Possibility to record and log the positions of all devices during the experiment, with different possible sampling rates.

• Possibility to save a set of positions as a configuration that can be reused whenever needed.

• Modular display of your devices: the main window can be contracted, and every 2-SWITCH™ control can be undocked and displayed in an individual and repositionable compact window.

cell selection software
software MAT Screenshot

Automated protocol with MAT

The Microfluidic Automation Tool (MAT) is a unique program for developing and running time-based experiments. Its drag and drop interface allows for quick and easy protocol creation. It can control the 2-SWITCH™ and other Fluigent valves as well to:

• Benefit from functions such as repeat, if, wait until, … for the development of complex protocols

• Ability to load and save protocols

• Integrate all Fluigent valves and instruments devices or support other external instruments (requires TTL signal)


specifications icon

• 3-port / 2-way valve

• Chemical & biological compatibility

• Wetted material: PEEK, PPS, FFKM, FKM, EPDM

• Low internal volume (28µL)

• No dead volume

• Standard external fittings

• No heating

• Use as a stand alone system or software controlled (full automation)

• Fast response time: 3 ms

• Easy identification of the positions thanks to indicator light

• Operating pressure: vacuum to 2.5 bar

• Size: 8 x 6.5 x 2 cm | Weight: approx. 100g | Material: PCE PU

• Power supply: RJ45 from the SWITCHBOARD


Simplify your chip design to create and manage your experiments

Save time by automating most complex experiment

• Keep full integrity of your samples even the most sensitive ones

Reduce the size of your set-up while optimizing the performance of your set-up

Save money by reducing your reagent and sample consumption

Quickly adapt to your results, Check and monitor your experiment in live


Product Number

Name Product Number Comment
2-SWITCH™ 2SW002  
New 2-SWITCH™ Kit CTQKIT2SW2 Tubing and fitting dedicated for the new 2-SWITCH™
ESS™ Control SFT-ESS Provided with any 2-Switch™ order
Switchboard SWB002 Required for powering the valves and PC communication
MAT Software SFT-MAT Required for automating the 2-Switch™

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