New Platform for complex emulsion generation – Fluigent

You are looking for solutions and methods to improve performance in generating the right droplet based emulsion type for your needs, this online workshop may be of benefit to you. Until now, generating multiple types of emulsions has been a challenge as existing technologies have limitations (low reproducibility, need for multiple surface coatings, poor size distribution, etc).

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to generate droplet based emulsions from simple single droplet to complex
  • Discover an inclusive emulsification platform which combines fluid handling, microfluidic emulsion generator and optical monitoring system
  • Have live discussions with our experts regarding your specific application
  • Gain familiarity with the newest materials and methods for the generation of highly monodispersed emulsions


  • Introduction to the emulsification platform
  • Live Demonstration in the laboratory to learn how to make both single and double emulsions
  • Learn how to produce, microparticles, microbeads and microcapsules (Resin, PLGA, Alginate…) for various applications


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