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RX - Pressure Source

A compact, versatile pressure source for OEM integration

The RX is the latest addition to the Fluigent OEM family of products. It is designed to be seamlessly integrated into OEM systems or used as a standalone pressure source.

Packaged in a robust steel enclosure, it provides dried and filtered air at up to 2500 mbar for one or multiple pressure control module(s) such as the PX-series or other instruments which need compressed air to operate


Icon no PC requirement needed

Control with or without a PC

icon ease of use

Ease of use

Icon compactness


Icon compactness

Compact and versatile

With a rectangular footprint of only 106 x 96.5 x 61.5 mm (4.17”x 3,8”x2.4”), the RX is a convenient compact and reliable pressure source, packaged in powder coated steel enclosure. It can be mounted in any position or orientation as long as the fan intake is not obstructed, and the unit is secured to a stable point or surface.

Provides condensation-proof and filtered air

The RX has built-in air filter and drying components. It will filter and reduce the humidity of the room air to prevent condensation. The drying component is designed to perform at room temperature. For more details on air supply conditions required for your setup please contact us.

Icon automation software intuitive

Designed for OEM Integration

This pressure source is a combination of hardware and software to provide pre-regulated compressed air for optimal performance, lifetime, and reliability. The user can either use the pre-programmed pressure points for a simple operation, or use the RS232 interface for custom pressure targets and integration into any programming language which supports a serial connection.
»   DIN rail mounting plate on demand
»   Low noise, will not disturb a conversation

Combine with a PX to ensure pulse free flow

Pulse-free flow is critical for generating high quality and repeatable results. The PX integrates an algorithm which allows any pressure based instrument to obtain a presise pulse-free flow.

higher stability EX graph


Pneumatic Specifications
Minimum Pressure 500 mbar
Maximum Pressure 2500 mbar
Free flow (flow rate at 0 mbar output) 5,6 L/min
Flow rate at 200 mbar 0,8 L/min
Electrical Specifications
Power voltage 24 V
Maximum current 800 mA
Maximum power consumption 19 W
Hardware Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 106 x 96,5 x 61,5 mm
Weight 823 g
Other Specifications
Air quality* Dry and filtered

*the RX has a built in drying component, it will reduce the humidity of the air supply to prevent condensation. This component is designed to perform in room temperature, for more detailed information on air supply conditions of your setup please contact us.



Product Name Pressure Range in mbar Product Number
RX Pressure source 500 to 2500 ISRX21
RX + PX 1 bar RX: 500 to 2500
PX: 0 to 1000
RX + PX 2 bar RX: 500 to 2500
PX: 0 to 2000


Product Name Product Number
RX Connection Kit IPCKPX1
RX Power Kit IPPKPX1


With the PX-Series unit:
» Up to 4 PX at 1 bar
» 2 PX at 2 bar for low flow
» 1 PX at 2 bar for high flow


With the P-OEM module:
» Up to 4 channels
» Depends on total air consumption: channel count, pressure and reservoir sizes for an acceptable response time

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