Automated fluid delivery for cell and tissue imaging

April 20th 2022


You wish to gain time, precision and reproducibility with your immunofluorescence assay or any other assay requiring injection of multiple solutions on your sample. Follow our webinar to discover how to interface a flow chamber (or a microfluidic chip) to our automated fluid delivery device ARIA. This will allow you to deliver up to 10 different solutions in a sequential and autonomous manner. In addition, ARIA can be synchronized with any microscope to launch an image acquisition cycle and to resume the perfusion protocol once the imaging cycle has been completed.

This all-in-one workflow facilitates the succession of cycles of injection/incubation time with reagents and image acquisition, a feature particularly well adapted to complex cell and tissue imaging. Here, we will present some examples of applications such as multiplexed tissue imaging, DNA-PAINT or seqFISH as well as cell capture and staining.

Planning speech:

00:00 – Reasons & Advantages to use automated sequential fluid deliver

08:30 – Demo video

10:27 – Example of applications:

  • 10:33 – Automated multiplexed tissue imaging
  • 16:55 – Sequential fluorescence in situ hybridization (SeqFISH)
  • 20:14 – Capture and characterization of circulating tumor cells

26:40 – Q&A session

Conference animated by : 

Mélanie Chabaud (Fluigent – Application Engineer)
William César (Fuigent – R&D project manager)
Noé Viovy (Fluigent – R&D software developer)

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