Hans-Knöll-Institut, New Antibiotics, Cultivation in Droplets

This project focuses on how Fluigent's customers use microfluidics to achieve outstanding results in their technology experiments.

Today we are visiting Leibniz Institut for Natural Products Research and Infection Biology (Hans Knöll Institute), to be precise – Bio Pilot Plant Department. Our speakers are Prof. Dr. Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum (Head of Bio Pilot Plant Department), Dr. Sundar Hengoju, Dr. Dede Man. How are they trying to find new antibiotics? Why is this important for infection biology? How do they research natural products? What are these exactly? How does microfluidics allow them to cultivate microbes in droplets? How does the technology increase their efficiency millions of times over? In which cases pressure pumps are better than syringe pumps? How to stabilize microfluidic droplets? Watch this episode to find out. And that’s just one story told. There are many possible applications for microfluidics. Stay tuned!


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