WEBINAR: Encapsulation of fluorescent bacteria in double emulsions for FACS sorting 

June 6, 2023

Easily encapsulate single cells inside highly-monodisperse W/O/W double emulsions at a very high rate


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Do you want to optimize your FACS experiments by encapsulating single cells or bacteria inside 30µm double emulsions?

Fluorescence-activated cell sorting is a powerful tool for selecting a specific cellular or bacterial cell type from a complex population. However, it often requires the use of chemicals which can damage the cells, and the selection of single bacteria can be difficult to complete due to low fluorescence signals. Compartmentalizing single bacteria inside double emulsions using microfluidics allows for bacterial growth in the droplets, confinement of the fluorescence signal inside the droplet, and the specific analysis of the bacteria’s phenotype via isolation. Overall, it allows for the FACS analysis of each specific phenotype with measurable signals and without cell damage. 

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Learn how to use our double emulsion platform to encapsulate bacteria in W/O/W DE 
  • Discover the DE sorting efficiency using FACS 
  • Have a live discussion with our experts concerning your specific needs 

Agenda (planning speech): 

  1. Introduction to FACS sorting: technology, advantages, and drawbacks (5 min) 
  1. Presentation of the platform: encapsulation of single bacteria in DE (15 min) 
  1. Microscopy characterization and FACS sorting (15 min) 
  1. Interactive Q&A session to discuss your application needs with our experts (25 min)

Our Encapsulation Platform for FACS

The cell encapsulation platform includes an organized flow path with pressure controllers, filters, flowmeters, and valves to facilitate the start-up, shut-down, and cleaning of the system between runs. Dedicated optics are included to optimize the visualization of droplet production at high generation frequency.

platform facs sorting

How to encapsulate bacteria in double emulsions?

In this application note, we associate the double emulsion microfluidic platform with FACS sorting technology to sort out small droplets encapsulating fluorescent e-coli bacteria.

WOW DE with FACS DROPLET sorting