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Fluigent: Smart Microfluidics™

Fluigent develops, manufactures, and supports innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of rapidly growing applications where precise fluid control is important. We are the global leader in providing innovative fluid handling solutions for microfluidics, from compact microfluidic controllers for droplet generation to turnkey organ on a chip platforms. Since 2006 we have delivered thousands of Fluigent products, including the pressure pump MFCS™-EZ (Microfluidic Flow Control System), the sensors FRP (Flow-Rate Platform) and the ESS™ (Easy Switch Solutions™) to hundreds of customers worldwide, with two subsidiaries and a strong network of distributors.


Who we are

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Global leader

In 2006, Fluigent changed the microfluidic market by introducing pressure-driven flow control pumps, as opposed to conventional syringe and peristaltic pumps.

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Innovation Driven

Thanks to our FASTAB™ technology, experimental time has droped down from one hour to few seconds, allowing ground breaking discoveries and published papers.

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Industrial Scale

Our product design and manufacturing activities far exceed simple assembly activities: we master all algorithmic, mechanic, electronical, pneumatic and microfluidic chains.

What we do

Intellectual Property

Thanks to our proprietary and patented solutions (FASTAB™ technology, pneumatic and electronic design…), we don’t rely on fixed pre-packaged external solutions and we are able to tailor products to your specific needs.

Complete solutions

Fluigent is the first and only company to master a full pressure and flow-rate control solution designed for coupled multi-channel configurations (Flow Rate Control Module).

Plug and play solutions

Our solutions are modularized, enabling our customers to save precious time with cumbersome engineering fluidic developments.


Our OEM products are specifically designed for integration into larger diagnostic & test equipment and include DLL libraries and industrial interface buses for easy integration.

Our strengths

Microfluidic quality certification


As pioneers in microfluidics, we have set the standard in microfluidic control and strive to stay in the forefront of the science. We have the responsibility actively innovate.

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Customer Focused

As our ISO 9001 shows, customer satisfaction drives us to improve ourselves every day. In addition to the performance of our products, we focus on ease of use and providing the highest level of technical support to optimize your set-ups.

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Team Work

We come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but we grow as one team. Our group of engineers, biologists, chemists, and business people work get the most from our different views to make our products smarter.

Our story

Fluigent was the first company to introduce pressure-driven flow control to the microfluidic research market, as opposed to conventional syringe and peristaltic pumps.

May 2003

Fastab™ patent

The FASTAB™ technology is patented to get the best results in terms of response time and stability for microfluidic flows.

November 2005

Oseo Award emerging company

Fluigent won an Oseo award from the BpiFrance for its promising future and gets started!

January 2006

This is the official creation of our company as we are moving forward to an incubator in Paris: Santé Cochin.

March 2006

First sales
Less than a year after our settlement Fluigent is already selling complete instruments to customers interested in better performance.

May 2007

First international customer

Our company is expanding fast as we celebrate our first instrument sold in Europe and soon in the US as well.

July 2008

Flow-rate monitoring intruments

Controlling the pressure is great, monitoring your flow-rates is even better with new products to complete your setups.

Market expansion in Asia

During the whole year, our market expands with the beginning of new partnerships with a distributor network in Asia, mainly in China, Japan and South Korea.

February 2010

ISO-9001 certifiation

In order to prove that our products and services were relevant to the market needs we decide to get certified the ISO 9001 norm.

March 2010


We can now offer our customers negative pressure ranges from -800mbar to -25mbar for very small pression ranges as well.

October 2011

MFCS™-FLEX and 100

Our product line intensifies as we can now mix pressure ranges within one device and we have a new pressure range: 100 PSI or 7bar.

June 2012


We have now better performance on our pressure controller, with a new software, MAESFLO™ 3.0. We also expand our offer to new functionalities with a full switch platform.

October 2012

OEM activity

As our market still grows, we develop an OEM offer for industrial customers that need custom products that can be integrated within their own systems.

July 2013

FRCM algorithm

We develop an algorithm to control the flow-rate directly within our software for a better use and increased performance of their setups.

October 2013


We offer now a modular solution for our flow sensors to be more relevant to the reality of the use of our intruments.

June 2014

Fluigent Deutschland GmbH

To encourage our expansion in Eastern Europe we create a subsidiary in Jena, Germany, to be closer to our customers in this area.

July 2014

Fluigent, Inc

To encourage our expansion in North America we create a subsidiary in Boston, MA, to be closer to our customers in this area.

June 2015

Linux SDK support

We can now offer our customers in need to develop their own platform within a Linux environment such as Raspberian to use our SDKs.

April 2016

10th anniversary

We are 10-year-old. We can celebrate this event within the brand-new facilities of the IPGG in Paris.

Our team

France Hamber

France Hamber, CEO

After a PhD in chemical engineering, France joined Air Liquide group where she held management positions and had the...

Nour Yakdi

Nour Yakdi, Technical Sales Manager

Nour joined the Sales team in 2016 following completion of his PhD in microfluidics, microfabrication and...

Anne Le Nel, CSO

Anne joined Fluigent in 2009 after a PhD in analytical chemistry and miniaturized systems at the Institut Curie in the...

Anne Le Nel

Maximilien Guérin, International Distributor...

Max joined the Sales team in 2012 after working in stem cell genetic engineering at Cellectis. He worked on application...

Maximilien Guérin

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