Give a new breath to your microfluidic experiments with OxyGEN

OxyGEN is a brand new software solution for all your control needs. It is a dynamic interface allowing for control in real-time, data record, and automation, supported on common Operating Systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Fully compatible with Fluigent microfluidic equipment, by working with OxyGEN you will benefit from a single software to monitor pressures, flow rates, volumes, microfluidic valves, and even more.

November 24, 2021

What you will learn :

· How to extend the capabilities of your instrument within a minute
· How the whole system works and what you can expect from it
· How to control in real-time your microfluidic system
· How to edit and run a time-based protocol
· How to design complex function loops for long term experiments

Why you should attend :

· OxyGEN is free of charge, publicly available, and easy to use
· This new software optimizes every feature from previous solutions
· Regardless of your Operating System, OxyGEN is made for you
· Fastest and easiest way to learn microfluidic automation

Agenda :

  1. OxyGEN overall introduction and stakes
  2. Live control workspace discovery
  3. In-depth advanced features for control in real-time
  4. Protocol editor workspace exploration
  5. From editing to running experimental protocol


Alexis Rezgui, Fluigent Microfluidic Equipment & Software Product Manager

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