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Original Equipment Design & Manufacture

All microfluidic instruments developed by Fluigent are available as OEM products. In order to help you focus on your applications and your microfluidic devices we have developed a range of OEM products for flow control and fluid handling in microfluidic and nanofluidic applications. Our OEM products can easily be integrated in more complex instruments. All our OEM products come with a Software Development Kit (SDK)

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 Why to OEM partner with Fluigent?

  • Pioneers in innovative flow control solutions
  • From product customization to specific solution development
  • High Performance and Robustness
  • Flexibility and compactness
  • In house design and assembly
  • Quality standard certification
  • Broad range of applications
  • Customer needs focused
  • Highly experienced customer service


Our complete OEM product line offer


1. Standard OEM products

Every Fluigent end-user product comes with an OEM version.

  • Flow management solutions
  • Flow-rate measurement & control solutions
  • Fluid switching solutions
  • Pressure generator
  • Other components may be available depending on your requirements


2. Customized products from Fluigent proprietary technologies
  • Specific development (mechanical, fluidic, electronic, software -communication protocols)
  • Integration of other components (valves, sensors, etc.)
  • Specific settings
  • Versatility/modularity

3. Integration
  • Any pressure and/or flow-rate configuration
  • Integrated pressure source
  • Dedicated PCB
  • Software integration


Process development capabilities

1. User functional specification

Fluigent assists you for defining and optimizing your functional specifications requirement according
to your specific functional needs and OEM capabilities of Fluigent thanks to 11 years of microfluidic expertise

  • Customer’ s specifications request
  • Collaborative interaction with Fluigent team inputs
  • Definition of final specifications requirement



2. First technical analysis

Team of experts in microfluidic integration including R&D, Development, Software and Manufacturing teams to review all the scope and details of the project as for:

  • Fluid handling & flow control
  • Reservoirs
  • Interfaces,
  • Footprint drawings
  • Flow simulations
  • Software scope and compatibility
  • Building block design
  • In-house expertise
  • Internal development of all parts and software
  • Partner and supplier network
  • Experienced OEM project teams


3. Feasibility studies
  • Building blocks assembly
  • Testing
  • Proof of concept
  • Final user specification requirements
  • Workbench testing



4. Development & prototyping

  • Mechanical design
  • Electronic design
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Software, regulation development
  • Prototyping capabilities


5. Manufacturing
  • Associated documentation
  • Part number
  • Quality standards
  • Certification
  • Production line
  • Cost effective /Supplier optimization
  • In house manufacturing and settings
  • Short lead times
  • Robustness


6. Support services

  • Support
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Dedicated team
  • 11 years expertise and customers’ feedback
  • In-house technology and manufacturing
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Reactivity
Why Us?

Why us?

As the pioneers in microfluidics, we have set the standard in microfluidic control and strive to stay in the forefront of the science, thechnology and knowledge.

Global Leaders

Global Leaders

Leaders in the market since 2005 Fluigent helps you get the best out your microfluidic projects, our products and expertise are made for your applications.

Quality Certification

Quality certification

Fluigent is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This attests to our capabilities to meet customer and partner satisfaction on a regular basis for our products and services

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