Microfluidic OEM Components

Fluigent manufactures state-of-the-art, integrable modules to manage fluids for OEM developed systems. For any industry and application where automated liquid workflow is required, our range of standard, high-performance, and reliable microfluidic OEM components simplify the integration of liquid handling modules into your device. We provide high-performance pressure controllers based on our research patents, as well as ready-to-use microfluidic valves, flow sensors, and pressure supplies.
With Fluigent software integration, OEM components are directly recognized by Fluigent SDK/software, allowing for smooth system integration. Our compact modules utilize standard fluid connections.

Main benefits
  • High-precision flow control
  • Stable pressure source
  • Fluid management

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Why trust us ?

  • More than 1,800 publications referencing Fluigent
  • We bring cutting edge technologies into your application
  • Fifteen years of experience in the microfluidic ecosystem
  • World class quality ISO 9001
  • Industrial design & manufacturing capability
  • Scalable and cost effective

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